Adele Arakawa: From Newswoman to Airport Voice

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Adele Arakawa Bio and Wiki

Adele Arakawa: the news anchor who traded the anchor desk for a gig as the smooth-talking voice of Denver’s trains. Move over Siri, Adele’s on the mic! Not only did she retire from KUSA-TV in 2017, but she also found a new career making sure you know exactly where you’re going on Denver’s transportation systems. She’s the real MVP of train announcements, making every commute feel like breaking news. Watch out, world – Adele’s keeping Denver on track, one announcement at a time

Adele Arakawa’s Age and Birthday

Arakawa, born on August 31, 1957, in the good ol’ U.S. of A, is rocking the age of 66 as of 2024. You can bet she throws a birthday bash that’s as organized and precise as a well-delivered news report, thanks to that Virgo zodiac energy! Cheers to another year of keeping it real, Adele

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Adele Arakawa Height and Weight

Adele, the mystery woman of average height and moderate weight, has us all wondering if she’s got some secret stats hidden up her news-anchor sleeves. In her photos, she’s reaching new heights – literally! Unfortunately, the details of her body measurements are more elusive than breaking news. We’re on the lookout, and if we ever crack the code, you’ll be the first to know! Stay tuned

Adele Arakawa Education

Arakawa grew up in Hawaii and later in east Tennessee. She started taking college courses at Tennessee Tech University at the age of 16 and worked as a radio disk jockey in her hometown of La Follette, Tennessee. She also attended Tennessee University later on. Adele then worked as a radio news anchor at WYSH in Clinton, Tennessee and as a disk jockey at WRJZ in Knoxville, Tennessee, following her entrance into broadcasting.

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Adele Arakawa WRAL

Arakawa made her radio entry, worked as a radio news anchor at WYSH in Clinton, Tennessee, and as a disk jockey at WRJZ in Knoxville. In 1981, Adele made the transition to television news, working at WTVK in Knoxville, where she started using her mother’s maiden name, Arakawa, at the suggestion of Hal Wanzer, news director.

Two years later she moved to Raleigh, North Carolina with Charlie Gaddy and weatherman Bob Debardelaben to co-anchor weekday evening newscasts for WRAL-TV. Her next move led the family to Chicago in 1989, where she anchored newscasts for the weekday evening, this time for WBBM-TV’s CBS affiliate.

She is a weekday evening newscast anchor for KUSA-TV in Denver since Christmas Day 1993. She declared her retirement on December 6, 2016, after being on the broadcast for 40 years. Her last active day was 30 June 2017.

Adele Arakawa Furniture Row

Furniture Row and the Front Door blog are proud to welcome Adele Arakawa, former NBC affiliate lead anchor (KUSA-TV, 9 News), to the team! As the grand opening of The Showroom @Furniture Row approaches swiftly, the seven-time holder of the Emmy Award enters The Showroom as its brand ambassador, exchanging designer products and facilities with Denver and the surrounding areas at one of the country’s largest furniture and design centers.

Adele Arakawa CBS

Adele moved to Raleigh in 1983, where she joined up with Charlie Gaddy, Bob De Bardelaben, as well as Tom Suiter for the next six years as an anchor for WRAL-TV’s 6:00 p.m. 11:00 p.m. Press releases. She was also the host for the station’s adoption series “Wednesday’s Boy”

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Arakawa left WRAL in early 1989 for an anchor spot on WBBM-TV in Chicago, a role she held for five years before leaving for similar work in Denver. Arakawa joined KUSA-TV as a weekday evening anchor in Denver and today she continued in that capacity

Adele Arakawa Retiring

Heading for her departure from the KUSA-Channel 9 anchor desk on June 30 she says she’ll not miss the grind. She says she’s ready for a golf-centered life at home in Tucson that she and Barry Tiller-husband improved four years ago. Two or three days a week, they play Golf. (His impairment now is 18. “I expect to get it down to a single digit,” she said.)

Her timing is perfect: Arakawa is coming out on top with local TV news in decline and media generally at a crossroads — while the industry remains recognizable. The era of gigantic anchor wages is gone. There’s a certain corporate strain to focus more on the bottom line and less on idealistic journalism.

Adele Arakawa’s Net Worth

Arakawa’s estimated net worth as of 2020 is around $1 million- $5 million. She is so wealthy having been actively involved in the industry for so many years, thus amassing a lot of wealth. Adele used to earn 150,000 dollars while she worked as a news anchor. However, it is estimated that Adele receives an annual salary ranging between $24,292 and $ 72,507 which translates hourly average wage of between $10.15 and $31.32