Asher Angel, Age, Height, Brother, Girlfriend, and Annie LeBlanc

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Asher Angel is an actor who began his career with no formal acting training & is best known for his role in the film Jolene, starring Jessica Chastain. Also, actor Angel is known for playing the role of Jonah Beck in the teen series Andi Mack. Later in 2019, he became Billy Batson and played the superhero Shazam!

He kicked off his acting career at tender age of 5, when he appeared in the critically acclaimed film Jolene. Since then, he has been featured in a variety of theater productions. With his parents’ consent, at the age of 7, Desert Stages Theatre held auditions for the musical Oliver! and he was given a green ticket.

Littlest Angel was clearly a future star of his local acting industry. After he’s mom told him that if he “worked hard and did several local shows,” she would take him to Hollywood. That sounds like a win-win, right? Angel took a bunch of parts in plays, including The Little Mermaid, Seussical, and Mary Poppins. And many congratulations go out to the youngest Littlest!

His mother didn’t break her promise, and Angel traveled to Los Angeles where, at age 12, he auditioned for and won the part of Jonah Beck in the Disney Channel television series Andi Mack. With his whole family turning the city into their home base and moving to Utah, it was no wonder that he landed this big movie role so easily.

In April 2019, Angel played the lead role in Shazam!, with Zachary Levi starring as his adult superhero alter ego. The film was released to critical acclaim and became a box office success!


Punk singer Angel released his debut single “One Thought Away”, featuring Wiz Khalifa, on June 6, 2019. Asher is also set to reprise his role of Billy Batson in the sequel film Shazam! Fury of the Gods, which is scheduled to be released on December 16, 2022


Angel was born on September 6, 2002, in Phoenix, and grew up in Paradise Valley, Arizona. He is now 20 years old in 2022. Jody and Coco Angel are his parents and he is the oldest of three siblings, with a brother and sister; Avi Angel and London Bleu Angel. Asher prefers to sing and play the guitar. Furthermore, Angel is of Jewish descent.

Asher Angel Brother

Asher’s brother is called AVI ANGEL, and he is a musician and social media influencer. Avi was born on January 10, 2006 in Arizona.

He has been doing this since he was 12- even now at the ripe age of 16 he still wakes up with mom every morning to work on his social media career. He lives happily in Arizona and works on his social media nearly every day until late night.

Why did Avi’s relationship with Isabela fall apart? They met in October 2020 but had broken up by September 2021.

Asher Angel and Annie Leblanc

It appears that Hollywood royalty “Asher Angel” and pixie-cut sensation “Julianna Grace LeBlanc” or Annie LeBlanc are not getting married after all. The duo in the relationship ended up breaking up in May 2020, to the surprise of a lot of people.

Before their breakup-the two teens posted sweet pictures of each other on their Instagrams to show how much they loved and cared for the other. But after spending time away from the person they loved, they were probably in love but possibly ended up being too physically and emotionally distant.

Although we are not entirely sure if it was said in jest, Angel and LeBlanc both have said that they have no hard feelings towards each other and probably had a little bit of drama to the slight.

Asher Angel hooked up with Annie LeBlanc in 2018 and had her be a part of his music video for “Chemistry.” Annie was on the rise and became a prominent figure thanks to her family, who started a YouTube channel in 2008.

Does Asher Angel Have a Girlfriend?

Angel is one of the most popular actors in the world. He has appeared in many movies and TV shows.

With all the fame and success, Asher has achieved, it is easy to wonder if he has a girlfriend. Well, we found out that he does have a girlfriend namely, Peyton Elizabeth Lee an American TV Actress.

Is Asher Angel and Peyton Elizabeth Lee Dating?

Asher Angel and Peyton Elizabeth Lee have been rumored to be dating since 2017.

Rumors about their relationship have been circulating for a while. However, they have not confirmed or denied their relationship yet.
Previously, Asher was dating Annie Leblanc. They broke up in May 2020


He stands at approximately 5 ft 9 inches and weighs around 122 lbs..

Asher Angel Shazam

In April 2019, he played the lead role of Billy Batson in the film adaptation of DC Comics’ Shazam!

Is Asher Angel Jewish?

Angel is a popular actor and singer who has been in the industry for over 10 years.

Yes, Angel is Jewish.