Ben Gelber: From Salary to Songs & Everything in Between

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Ben Gelber Biography and Wiki

Ben Gelber is an Emmy award-winning meteorologist currently working as a television meteorologist and science reporter for WCMH-TV, NBC4. He forecasts the weather for NBC4 each weekend at 6 and 11 p.m. Gelber has published several state weather history books, several articles in meteorological journals and newspapers,

Ben Gelber Age

Gelber’s birthday falls on October 28, although the specific year remains a well-guarded secret in his private weather vault. As of 2024, he’s approximately 68 years old. NBC News previously celebrated Ben Gelber’s apparent 60th birthday on October 28, 2016, adding a sprinkle of mystery to his ageless meteorological charm.

Ben Gelber Education

Gelber holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Penn State University, and a Master of Science degree in Meteorology from Northern Illinois University.

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Ben Gelber Family

Gelber has kept her personal life away from the limelight. However, information regarding her parents including her mother, father, and siblings is not yet known to the public. We will update her details once confirmed in the limelight.

Ben Gelber Wife | Married

Gelber is a married man. He is married to his wife, Michelle Gelber. The couple is blessed with three sons; Justin Gelber, Joshua Gelber, and Jordan Gelber. The family resides in Hillard, Ohio.

Ben Gelber Song

On January 12th, 2009, the WNCI Morning Zoo dropped a YouTube hit titled “Here Come The Ben Gelber.” Fast forward to today, and it’s now hailed as “The Mighty Ben Gelber.” This musical masterpiece falls under the WCMH Productions 1995 label. And you know it’s a Gelber birthday bash when radio stations likely crank up this tune in his honor. Move over, pop stars; meteorologists got the jams.

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Ben Gelber Salary

Gelber receives an annual salary ranging from $ 143,668 to $ 150,443. However, details about the exact amount of salary she earns are currently not available.

Ben Gelber Net Worth

Gelber, the weather wizard, is rumored to have a net worth that ranges from $1 million to $5 million. Talk about making it rain—both in forecasts and finances! But hey, with all those years of predicting weather patterns, it seems like Gelber’s earning more than just sunshine and rainbows.

Ben Gelber NBC4

Ben Gelber, the meteorological maestro, graces NBC4 with his weather wisdom, taking center stage every weekend at 6, 7, and 11 p.m., along with insightful reports on science and environmental topics throughout the week.

This Emmy award-winner recently clinched first place for Best Weathercast by the Ohio Associated Press Media Editors in 2022, adding another feather to his cap. Ben’s illustrious career includes an Emmy for Best Weather Anchor in 2007, several Emmy nominations, and Ohio AP honors for Best Regularly Scheduled Weathercast and Outstanding Weather Operation.

Beyond the screen, Ben has left his meteorological mark in publications, contributing to state weather history books, meteorological journals, newspapers, and even gracing the New York Times with his op-ed essay titled “Ben Franklin on Global Warming.”

Educationally armed with a Bachelor of Science degree from Penn State University and a Master of Science degree in meteorology from Northern Illinois University, Ben earned the American Meteorological Society’s Seal of Approval in 1981. He’s not just a weatherman; he’s a distinguished educator, lecturing on meteorology at Ohio State University and Columbus State Community College.

Ben’s passion extends beyond the studio, reaching the community through music outreach with Friday Night Live Music, where he brings historical tunes to universities and cultural programs. As a man of many talents, Ben is a keyboardist and composer, treating local audiences to his own piano compositions.

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His commitment to community service doesn’t stop there – Ben volunteers with organizations like the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation, leveraging his personal experience to promote health education and awareness. His accolades include recognition from the Buddy Up Tennis program, highlighting his dedication to making a positive impact.

In the Gelber household, Ben, alongside his wife Michelle, resides in Hilliard, OH, with their three sons – Justin, Joshua, and Jordan. From the weather maps to music stages and community service, Ben Gelber is a true force of nature!

Ben Gelber Meteorologist

Back in third grade, Ben was already the meteorologist-in-chief, offering daily forecasts during morning classroom sessions. In his high school heyday, he decided to establish a weather station, kickstarting a data set in the Pocono Mountains in 1970—with some parental support, of course. Those meticulous records? They’re now part of the archives of the NOAA Climatic Data Centre.

Fast forward to 1996-97 when a rain gauge and temperature shelter found their new home at NBC4. Ben’s dedication led to his appointment as the cooperative weather observer for the National Weather Service in Columbus. Volunteering is his middle name, as he regularly lends a hand during Spring Storm Spotter Training sessions, sharing his meteorological wisdom with the fine folks at the OSU Fawcett Centre.

Ben’s multi-talented—aside from being an assistant meteorology instructor at Columbus State Community College and a guest lecturer in climate science at Ohio State University, he’s the go-to guy for school presentations about the weather in Central Ohio. And let’s not forget his side gig as a weather consultant, advising motion picture firms, overseeing major outdoor shindigs, and assisting government agencies in navigating those tricky winter storm forecasts. A man of many hats, indeed!

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Ben Gelber Books

Gelber has penned numerous books delving into state weather history, with notable publications in newspapers and meteorological journals. His op-ed piece for the New York Times, titled “Ben Franklin on Global Warming,” showcases his insightful perspectives. One of his acclaimed works is “The Pennsylvania Weather Journal,” published in 2002, which not only elucidates meteorological terms but also provides historical weather data.

Beyond the written word, Gelber actively engages in discussing weather intricacies with various groups. His meticulous approach extends to highlighting historical weather events, offering comprehensive insights into the causes, circumstances, and locations of noteworthy occurrences widely covered in the news.

Ben Gelber Foundation

In 2010, Ben embarked on a musical journey, founding Friday Night Live Music—a community ensemble specializing in klezmer melodies. As the keyboard virtuoso, he serenades senior citizens, colleges, and cultural arts programs with historic tunes, occasionally showcasing his own piano compositions at local concerts.

Beyond the music notes, Ben is a passionate advocate for community engagement. Whether enlightening audiences with weather talks, leading educational seminars, or lending his expertise to science fairs, he’s dedicated to fostering knowledge and curiosity.

Driven by personal experience, Ben volunteers with the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation, spearheading programs that champion health education and awareness. His commendable efforts have earned him multiple community service awards, including acknowledgment from the Buddy Up Tennis program, a testament to his commitment to making a positive impact in various spheres.