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Bret Baier Bio, Age, Wife, Religion, Fox News, Salary, Worth

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Who is Bret Baier? |Bret Baier Bio and Wiki

Bret Baier is the host of the Fox News Channel’s Special Report with Bret Baier and Fox’s chief political correspondent. Prior to that, Baier worked as Chief White House Correspondent and Pentagon correspondent for the network.

Bret Baier age

He was born William Bret Baier on August 4, 1970, in Rumson, New Jersey. Bret is 52 years old as of 2023.

Rumson is a borough located in Monmouth County, New Jersey. As of the 2010 census, it had a population of 7,122 people. One of its most important features is that people are able to enjoy the quiet suburban life with access to more urban areas and transit lines without having to be too close and always driving.

Rumson was created by an act of the New Jersey legislature on March 15, 1907. This town was created from portions of Shrewsbury Township and based on a referendum that took place on June 18, 1907.”

Bret Baier Parents and Siblings

Bill & Pat Baier are the parents of Bret, details about them are not known yet. It is also not yet clear Baier has any siblings.

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Bret Baier Religion

Baier was born in the state of New Jersey to a family with German and Irish roots. He attended Catholic schools as a child and remained devoted to his faith by playing the role of an altar boy. Today, Bret attends Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Georgetown.

Bret Baier Wife

Bret and his wife Amy really hit it off on their blind date in October 2002 because their buddies shared the opinion that they’d make a perfect pair. Amy flew in from Chicago and they went to a Rolling Stones concert on a double date. There was no secret that Bret and Amy were going to get married because shortly after they met, the friends realized that’s exactly what they wanted. The couple tied the knot in October 2004.

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Baier and his wife Amy were blessed with two sons, Daniel and Paul. One of their sons was born with heart issues and, prior to the open-heart operation of the boy in 2008, President George W. Bush invited Baier and his wife and son to visit the Oval Office and had him informed by the White House physician on Paul’s progress.

Bret Baier Children

Paul Baier was born on June 29, 2007, and after a clean bill of health in the first hours, he suddenly started to turn pale. At first, the family thought it was just his skin tone, but an echocardiogram revealed 5 serious heart defects.

Sometimes, only surgery can save a life. In 2004, Dr. Richard Jonas performed eight-hour open-heart surgery on Paul, who was 12 days old at the time and needed it within days to survive. The “fix” was very complex, involving the transplantation of a baby’s aorta to bridge the pulmonary artery to the right ventricle.

Poor 10-month old Paul had to go in for his 2nd surgery! Paul really loves sports and spends a lot of time with his mates.

Daniel Bret Baier is ten years old, he was born in 2010; he plays hockey, lacrosse, and basketball. He is passionate about video games and follows the Washington Capitals closely.

Bret Baier Education

He attended the Marist School, a private Roman Catholic high school based in Atlanta, Georgia and, graduated in 1988. Bret then attended DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana, and graduated in 1992 with a BA degree in political science and English. While At DePauw, he was a member of the Xi Chapter of the Sigma Chi family.

Bret Baier Salary and Net Worth

During his career, Baier has made a name for himself and achieved success in one of the top 5 US News Anchors. Furthermore, he has an annual salary of $7 million and a net worth of $16 million.

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Is Bret Baier a Republican?

That sounds correct. He endorsed Mike Huckabee a Republican in 2008.

Bret Baier Fox News

In 2007, he was appointed White House correspondent for Fox News, which covers George W. Bush’s administration. He started replacing Brit Hume, then the Special Report anchor, on Fridays in the autumn of 2007.

Brit Hume anchored his final show on 23 December 2008 and revealed that Baier would replace him as Special Report anchor. On 5 January 2009, he hosted his first permanent anchor show.

A request for the Freedom of Information Act to investigate the Barack Obama administration’s anti-Fox News bias exposed an internal email written by Deputy White House Communications Director, Jen Psaki, dated 23 October 2009, which referred to Baier as a “lunatic.” Psaki, who sent the email, later apologized to Baier.

Bret Baier’s Car Flip

Baier, the chief political anchor of the network, was set to appear the next evening on Colbert’s show, the late-night host explained to his audience. But on their way to the airport, the Baier family engaged in a car accident in Montana, where their vehicle skidded on iced-covered roads and flipped over. And the initial findings were disconcerting. Baier, in a way, tweeted clarification about the incident later Monday when he was released from the hospital with his wife and their two sons.

“Don’t take something for granted — every day is a blessing — and everyone is love,” he wrote. “Reminding yourself of that is always good — before something ruins it for you. # Countyourblessings”

Baier said in a statement given by Fox News that he sent the tweet “as we left the hospital banged up, but alive.”

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He said in the statement that when the crash occurred, he was returning home from a weekend ski trip, and thanked first responders — including a passerby.

Bret Baier Special Report (TV program)

Bret Baier’s Special Report (formerly Special Report with Brit Hume) is American TV news and political commentary show hosted by Bret Baier since 2009, which airs on Fox News Channel. Every Monday through Friday it is broadcast live at 6:00 p.m. ET. Further, the program focuses on both reporting and analysis of the events of the day, with a primary focus on national political news in America. Since 1998, the show has been part of the Fox News program schedule and is the number one cable news broadcast in its time slot.

“Fox All-Star” Panelist members

  • George Will – Washington Post columnist
  • Fred Barnes – Editor of the Weekly Standard
  • Nina Easton – Washington Bureau Chief for Fortune Magazine
  • Stephen F. Hayes – Weekly Standard columnist
  • Bill Kristol – Editor of the Weekly Standard
  • Mara Liasson – NPR national political correspondent
  • Tom Rogan – Washington Examiner columnist
  • Judith Miller – Journalist for the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research
  • Kirsten Powers – Democratic political analyst and New York Post/Daily Beast columnist
  • Bill Sammon – Fox News’ Vice President of News and Washington Managing Editor
  • A. B. Stoddard – Associate Editor of The Hill
  • Juan Williams – Fox News senior correspondent
  • Elliott Abrams – senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations
  • K. T. McFarland – Fox News national security analyst
  • Michael E. O’Hanlon – senior fellow at The Brookings Institution
  • Paul Wolfowitz – visiting scholar at the American Enterprise Institute
  • Karen Tumulty – Washington Post national political correspondent
  • Jonah Goldberg – National Review contributing editor
  • Charles Lane – Washington Post Staff Writer
  • Lisa Boothe – Washington Times contributor
  • Charles Krauthammer – Washington Post political columnist

Bret Baier Awards and Honors

  • 2016 He won Kenneth Y. Tomlinson Award for Outstanding Journalism, Robert Novak Journalism Fellowship Program
  • 2017 Bret won the Sol Taishoff Award for Excellence in Broadcast Journalism, National Press Foundation
  • 2018 He won the Urbino Press Award, Municipality of Urbino

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