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Cassi Davis

Who is Cassi Davis?

Cassandra “Cassi” Davis is an American actress known for her role as Ella Payne on the television series Tyler Perry’s House of Payne. Davis has also starred in other productions, including Perry’s other successful series, The Paynes.

Cassi was born on the 11th of July 1964 in Holly Springs, Mississippi. She joined Spelman College in Atlanta after graduating high school and majored in music. She left college one credit shy of graduating because she was not allowed to perform religious music during her senior year.

Davis has stated that she returned to Spelman College in 2008 to finish her degree after being on hiatus for several years. In addition, she credits her devout, born-again Christian faith as the main cause of her professional success.

Davis began her career as an actress in 1988 by starring in the Spike Lee comedy film School Daze. Her early television credits include a stint on Living Single, a role on Married with Children, and a role on The PJs.

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Cassi Davis Career

Her acting career was established by appearing in Tyler Perry productions such as Madea’s Family Reunion, Madea Goes to Jail, Daddy’s Little Girls, Madea’s Big Happy Family, and A Madea Family Funeral.

Davis is best known for starring in the TBS sitcom Tyler Perry’s House of Payne from 2007 to 2012. She received two NAACP Image Awards for Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series. Lately, In 2018, she starred in the House of Payne’s spinoff, The Paynes. 2020 saw the revival of the show on BET.

It’s been a while since we last saw Actress Cassi Davis in something that is worth talking about. However, she’ll next be appearing at Tyler Perry Productions where she is adding her voice to ‘COVID-19: The Movie’—a documentary with a twist.

Cassi Davis Age

Ms. Davis was born on the 11th of July 1964 in Holly Springs, Mississippi, currently, she is 57 years old as of July 2021.

Cassi Davis Real Husband| Paton

Ms. Cassi’s real husband is Kerry Paton. The two met in elementary school, but according to Cassi, she has been in love with him since middle school.

Many times in life, love can be an impetuous decision. Different situations and people can get in the way of what we really love and cherish. But that is a story for another day because Cassi never stopped talking or thinking about him even after they went separate ways for a long time.

They reconnected in 2007 and were inseparable for ten more years before they sealed the deal, and they finally got married in early January 2017.

Cassi Davis Eye|Bell’s Palsy

In the same podcast, recorded in February 2021, Cassi revealed she’s currently dealing with bell’s palsy, a rare condition that results from the facial nerve( the 7th cranial nerve). It affects the face’s muscles making a side of her face droop. In this event, facial muscle weakness or paralysis can either happen suddenly or gradually over a period of 48 hours.

In Bell’s palsy, pain and discomfort usually occur on one side of the face or head. The condition can affect anyone from anywhere from an infant to a senior citizen.

Cassi Davis Children

Cassi Davis was born on July 11, 1964, in Holly Springs, Mississippi, she is 57 years now. Even though she is married, Cassi and her Patton do not have kids.

In 2017, on January 11th, the couple wed. We do not know if they plan to have children in the near future or just enjoy one another’s company.

Cassi Davis Height and Weight

Even though Cassi’s weight is not known, we can make an estimate that would be around 200 lbs. On average, she stands at five foot eight inches tall.

Cassi Davis Weight Loss

Cassi Davis’ weight loss has been a topic for fans, but she has never revealed what her weight loss method is. She has slimmed down over the years by losing her weight naturally. However, her body transformation has shown that she is doing something about her weight. Albeit, We don’t have more information available on her exercise and food regimen at this time.

Cassi Davis School Daze

Davis began her acting career with a supporting role in the Spike Lee comedy film School Daze where she starred as Paula, perhaps this is where she had her first experience.

“School Daze” is a 1988 American musical comedy-drama film, written and directed by Spike Lee, and starring Larry Fishburne, Giancarlo Esposito, Tisha Campbell.

Based on Spike Lee’s experiences as a Morehouse student during the 70s, it is a story about undergraduates at a historically black college clashing with some of their classmates from fraternities and sororities.

The film also touches upon issues of color, elitism, class, political activism, hazing, groupthink, and hair texture bias within the African-American community among other social problems. Spike Lee released his second film, School Daze on Columbia Pictures on the 12th of February in 1988.

Cassi Davis Networth

Davis has been an actress in the United States since 1988 and she is estimated to be worth $6 million as of 2021.

Did Cassi Davis Pass Away?

Ms. Davis is still alive, but her condition of Bell’s Palsy is a scare. She is still active as an actress, and she’ll next be appearing at Tyler Perry Productions, where she is adding her voice to ‘COVID-19: The Movie.’ -a documentary with a twist.

What is wrong with Cassi’s eye

Cassi revealed she was dealing with Bell’s Palsy, a condition that affects the muscles in her face making it droop.

Are the Paynes Married in Real Life?

Rumors exist that the TV couple, Cassi Davis and La Van Davis has married, but TV husband LaVan revealed that they do not have any relationship outside of the screen. Cassi is married to Kerry Paton, however, La Van is still single. Funny enough, While the stars of “House of Payne” (LaVan & Cassi) share a last name, they are not related.

Why does Cassie Davis Limp?

Davis has been coping with Bell’s Palsy since March 2020. Although it mostly affects her face. However, we do not know if the limp was a cause or a correlation of Bell’s Palsy.

Did Actress Cassi Davis Have a Stroke?

Cassi Davis, a well-known public figure, has talked about her health concerns and visible symptoms. She was diagnosed with a condition known as Bell’s palsy and affected Davis’ facial muscles on one side of her face.