Catherine Ross: WEWS-TV, Husband and More Revealed

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Catherine Ross Biography

Catherine Ross, a true-blue American journalist hailing from the heart of Minneapolis, Minnesota, is making waves as a multimedia journalist and reporter for WEWS-TV (Cleveland, OH). With her roots firmly planted in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, Catherine brings a unique perspective and dedication to the world of journalism.

Before gracing the screens at NBC4, Catherine carved her path at WDTN-TV, showcasing her talents as a correspondent and reporter. She’s no stranger to delivering the news with precision and flair, and her journey in the media industry continues to unfold.

Ross Career

Catherine Ross, the multitasking maestro of the news world, has embarked on a journey filled with twists, turns, and a few shots of espresso along the way. Before she graced the screens of WEWS-TV in Cleveland, Ohio, with her unparalleled reporting flair, she embarked on a caffeine-fueled adventure as a Barista at Starbucks. Seven years of crafting caffeinated masterpieces prepared her for the fast-paced world of news reporting.

Catherine’s meteoric rise in the news domain began as a Reporter/Writer for EIV News at 9 in the Greater Boston Area. Armed with JVC cameras and a knack for storytelling, she covered everything from local news to the intricacies of political pulse, showcasing her versatility. Not one to shy away from challenges, she also served as the Executive Producer of Politics at WEBN News, leaving an indelible mark on the Greater Boston Area.

Her broadcasting journey continued at WDAY 6 News in Fargo, North Dakota, where she conquered the chilly airwaves and delivered reports with unmatched vigor. Then, in a daring move, Catherine ventured to Dayton, Ohio, as a Reporter/Multimedia Journalist at WDTN-TV. There, she not only delivered live, breaking morning reports but also showcased her storytelling prowess through shooting, writing, and editing captivating stories for newscasts.

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Catherine’s journey reached Columbus, Ohio, as she donned the hat of a Multimedia Journalist at WCMH-TV, NBC4. Her time there, marked by two years and seven months, solidified her reputation as a news aficionado. Meanwhile, she continued her quest for knowledge at Emerson College, honing her broadcast journalism skills and earning a degree that became the cornerstone of her illustrious career.

In a brief hiatus from the newsroom, Catherine found herself in the vibrant world of Starbucks, mastering the art of coffee-making. With her caffeine game strong, she seamlessly transitioned to the challenging role of a Barista, showcasing a blend of versatility and creativity.

Whether she’s unraveling the mysteries of political landscapes or crafting the perfect cup of coffee, Catherine Ross continues to leave her mark on the news industry with her wit, charm, and unbridled passion for storytelling. Stay tuned for more caffeine-fueled adventures and news scoops from the one and only Catherine Ross!

Catherine Ross Age

Catherine Ross, a product of the Minneapolis, Minnesota landscape in the U.S.A., has kept the specifics of her birthdate under wraps. Her penchant for privacy makes it challenging to pinpoint her age, and details about her birthday remain elusive. Rest assured, as soon as these details surface, they will be promptly updated.

Catherine Ross Education

Ross attended Boston-based Emerson College. She had a front-row seat up there for the 2012 election cycle. The Republic National Convention, traveling to cover the Iowa Caucuses. Catherine has also attended the second inauguration of President Obama. Ross was a Broadcast Journalism Student at Emerson College. Besides that, she has worked as an athletics contest organizer.

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Catherine Ross Family

Information about her parents are not available after doing our analysis and it’s also unclear whether she has siblings.

Catherine Ross Spouse

Ross prefers to keep her personal life private so no information is known about her love life. So it is not known if she is married or if she has any children. This information will however be updated as soon as it becomes available.

Catherine Ross joined NBC4

In July 2019 Ross joined NBC4 as a multimedia reporter. Catherine is eager to pursue her career in her adopted state of Ohio, moving to Columbus after two years down the road in Dayton at sister station WDTN. It’s something she’ll never forget after the destruction of 13 tornadoes that ripped through the Memorial Day 2019 area there.

Catherine spent three winters in Fargo, North Dakota before becoming a buckeye transplant, reporting some of the harshest conditions and the nicest people as a reporter for WDAY.

She grew up near Minneapolis, Minnesota, and attended Boston-based Emerson College. There she had a front-row seat for the 2012 election cycle, traveling to cover the Iowa caucuses, the National Convention of the Republic, and the presidency

Catherine Ross EIV News at 6

Catherine was an Associate Editorial Producer at 6 on EIV News. She appointed writers to broadcast news and edited drafts of news. She also chose to create graphics and photographs for both OTS(On The Side) and full-screen graphics. The executive producer assisted by writing an extra story and tease.

She has also worked as a reporter and as a Blogger. Built up, shooting squad. Arranged and interviewed. Packages were written, modified, and monitored using the Final Cut Pro and Audacity tools. Live shots were taken and tossed in the studio.

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Catherine Ross Voice of America

She was a Voice of America intern(Sep 2011-Dec 2011). Her work involved picking top daily news for VOA60 News from the USA, the World, and Africa. Using Final Cut Pro, edited a 60-second packet with headlines, video, and music. Uploaded to the applications of the MPX Website, and promoted VOA60 on social media.


NBC anchor news salaries range from an average of $133,774 to $212,519 per annum. However, these statistics can differ greatly depending on the employee’s level of seniority at issue. Currently, we don’t have Ross’s exact salary and net worth, but we will keep tabs and update once it’s accessible.

Catherine Ross Net Worth

Ross has invested such a long time in the media business. With the majority of her money coming from her lucrative career in journalism, she has certainly accumulated a massive fortune. Catherine tends to lead a modest lifestyle despite her apparent riches. The details surrounding her assets and liabilities are still under scrutiny, however, making it difficult to determine her real net worth.

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