Connie Smith: The Unsung Heroine of Country Music

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Connie Smith Bio and Wiki

Connie Smith is an American singer of country music. Born in Elkhart, Indiana, in 1941, Smith began singing professionally at a young age with local bands and radio stations. Her breakthrough came in 1964 when she signed with RCA Records and released her first single titled “Once a Day” which quickly became the most successful song of the year and put her on the road to stardom.

Music writers have described Smith’s vocal style as significant and influential to country music women singers. She had a unique sound that blended elements of traditional honky-tonk, bluegrass, rockabilly, and pop music into something new yet still familiar. She was also one of the first female artists to write her own material which earned her much respect from both fans and critics alike.

Connie Smith’s Age and Birthday

As of 2024, Connie Smith is 82 years old; she was born on August 14, 1941, in Elkhart, Indiana, USA. Each year she celebrates her birthday on the 14th of August. Her zodiac sign is Leo.

Connie Smith Height and Weight

Connie stands at medium height. However, details about her real height and other body measurements are not currently open to the public. We keep track and will update the information as soon as it is out.

Connie Smith’s Parents and Siblings

Smith was born in Elkhart, Indiana, to Wilma, and Hobart Meador. Smith’s parents were from West Virginia, and the family moved to their home in West Virginia when Smith was five months old. Later on, her family moved to Dungannon, Ohio.

Connie’s father was extremely abusive when she was a child, to a level that caused Smith to experience a mental breakdown when she was a teenager.

Smith’s mother divorced her father when she was seven years old and married Tom Clark. Her stepdad brought her eight children into the new family; Meador brought her five, including Smith. Clark and Meador took in two more children putting together a total of fifteen.

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Connie Smith Husband

Smith was married four times, in 1961 Smith married Jerry Smith, a Ferro-analyst at the Beverly, Ohio, Inter-Lake Iron Company. On March 9, 1963, she had one child together with Jerry, named Darren Justin. The pair ended their marriage in the mid-1960s and Smith married a drummer, Jack Watkins, who she was in her touring band. They had a son named Kerry Watkins, before separating after marrying for about a year.

Soon thereafter, Smith married Marshall Haynes, a third-time telephone repairman. There were three beautiful daughters in the couple: Jeanne, Julie, and Jodi Haynes. Haynes also toured on her roadshow with Connie in the early 1970s. Following her divorce from Haynes in the early 1990s, Smith claimed that she had no intention to ever get married again, but she married country artist Marty Stuart on July 8, 1997.

Connie Smith Once a Day

Connie Smith has become a household name for her success in country music. With her gentle yet powerful voice, she has been captivating audiences since 1965. Her Once a Day album was released in 1964 and it quickly became one of the most popular albums of the decade.

The songs on this album showcase Smith’s unique vocal style that captures the essence of passion, longing and heartache. The lead single from this landmark album is “Once A Day,” which became an instant classic and one of Smith’s signature songs. It reached number one on the country charts, becoming Smith’s first chart-topper and staying there for eight consecutive weeks. The song went on to win numerous awards including two Grammy Awards in 1965 for Best Country & Western Female Vocal Performance and Best Country & Western Recording.

Connie Smith Children

Connie has 5 children from all her earlier marriages. She’d had her son Darren, Justin with Jerry Smith in her first marriage. She had her second child named Kerry Watkins in her second marriage to the guitarist in her touring band Jack Watkins. She had 3 daughters in her third marriage with Marshall Haynes, a telephone repairman; Jeanne, Julie, and Jodi Haynes.

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Connie Smith Health

While Smith was a teenager, she nearly cut off her leg after being involved in an incident involving a lawnmower. She learned how to play various guitar chords when she was at the hospital recovering. Since completely healing, she started taking part in numerous local talent competitions that led to her music passion.

Connie Smith Nationality

Smith was born in the United States of America. She is of American nationality by birth.

Connie Smith Songs

Connie Smith is an iconic country singer who rose to fame in the 1960s with her powerful and emotive vocal style. Her career has spanned five decades, during which she has released over two dozen albums and earned numerous awards, including several Grammy nominations. She is considered one of the most influential female singers in country music history, with a wide variety of songs that touch on many themes.

Smith’s debut single “Once A Day” topped the Billboard Country chart for eight weeks in 1964, launching her into stardom and making her one of the most popular artists of the decade. Since then, she has continued to release songs that have become timeless classics—from upbeat numbers like “Nobody But A Fool (Would Love You)” to heartbreaking ballads like “Ain’t Had No Lovin”.

Her Studio albums are:

Connie Smith (1965) Cute ‘n’ Country (1965)
Miss Smith Goes to Nashville (1966)
Connie Smith Sings Great Sacred Songs (1966)
Born to Sing (1966)
Downtown Country (1967)
Connie in the Country (1967)
Connie Smith Sings Bill Anderson (1967)
Soul of Country Music (1967)
I Love Charley Brown (1968)
Sunshine and Rain (1968)
Connie’s Country (1969)
Young Love (with Nat Stuckey) (1969)
Back in Baby’s Arms (1969)
Sunday Morning with Nat Stuckey and Connie Smith (with Nat Stuckey) (1970)
I Never Once Stopped Loving You (1970)
Where Is My Castle (1971)
Just One Time (1971)
Come Along and Walk with Me (1971)
Ain’t We Havin’ Us a Good Time (1972)
If It Ain’t Love and Other Great Dallas Frazier Songs (1972)
A Lady Named Smith (1973)
God Is Abundant (1973)
That’s the Way Love Goes (1974)
I Never Knew (What That Song Meant Before) (1974)
I Got a Lot of Hurtin’ Done Today/I’ve Got My Baby On My Mind (1975)
Connie Smith Sings Hank Williams Gospel (1975)
Joy to the World (1975)
The Song We Fell in Love To (1976)
I Don’t Wanna Talk It Over Anymore (1976)
Pure Connie Smith (1977)
New Horizons (1978)
The Best of Connie Smith (1989)
By Request (1995)
Clinging to a Saving Hand (1995)
Connie Smith (1998)
Love Never Fails (with Barbara Fairchild and Sharon White) (2003)
Long Line of Heartaches (2011)
The Cry of the Heart (2021)

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Connie Smith’s Net Worth

Connie Smith is an American singer, songwriter and musician with a net worth of $10 million. Her career in music started back in 1964 when she released her debut single “Once a Day”, which debuted at number one on the country charts, making her the first female solo artist to ever achieve this feat.

 Connie Smith and Marty Stuart

Connie and Marty Stuart’s love tale is very unorthodox, but it’s one with a really happy ending. In 1997, he married Connie Smith and was 17 years younger than her. His mother introduced them, she took Stuart to see Smith live in Mississippi concert, but what was going to happen in the next few decades was unknown to her.

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