Dominic West Bio, Age, Height, Affair, Lily James, and Net Worth

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Dominic West
Dominic West Photo

Dominic West is a British actor, Director, and Musician, who was born in Northern Ireland and raised in Dublin. He became famous for his role as Jimmy McNulty on HBO’s crime drama The Wire. He has won many awards and appreciates the finer things in life, including good wine, living a high life, and getting married.

Dominic was born to George and Moya (Cleary) West. At age 9, he began his career on the stage.

Mr. West graduated with a B.A. in English literature in 1993 after spending four months as a cattle herder in Argentina earlier that year, and later attended Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland to get his degree

Graduated from Guildhall School of Music and Drama in 1995. Attended Eton College, Berkshire.

He has three daughters, Martha West with Polly Astor, Dora, and Christabel. He also has two sons, Senan and Francis with his wife Catherine Fitzgerald.

Yes, he has played Michael Fassbender twice, 300 and Centurion. Jan was actually born as a woman and has since transitioned to become a man.

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Dominic West’s Career

True Blue, Chicago, Richard III, and Mona Lisa Smile are just a few of West’s film roles. The Wire was his most prominent television role. Additionally, you may recognize him from such films as A Midsummer Night’s Dream, 300, Marvel’s Punisher: War Zone, and Hannibal Rising.

On the Game of Thrones show, West was given the role of Mance Rayder in 2012, but he turned it down. He portrayed Jonathan Blake, a homosexual activist in the 1984-1985 British miners’ strike, in the 2014 film Pride. The Affair is a Showtime series starring West. West portrayed Jean Valjean in the BBC rendition of Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables in 2019.

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In 2019, he appeared as Dr. Chris Cox in the Sky One series Brassic. A representative for Tavistock Wood Management may be found at West. Online shorts known as ‘The Carte Noire Readers’ were created in 2009 by West to advertise the French coffee brand.

Dominic West Age

As of May 15, 2021, the British performer is 52 years old. On October 15, 1969, he was born in Sheffield, England as Dominic Gerard Francis Eagleton West.

Dominic West Height

Mr. West is estimated to be 1.8 meters tall, but his other measurements are unknown.

Dominic West affair

In October 2020, West was sighted in an affectionate embrace with English actress Lily James who raised concerns about his marital status. On October 13th, Dominic and his wife Catherine emerged from their home and embraced the cameras.


Born to an actress and a plastics factory owner from Ireland, he is the son of Pauline Mary Cleary and Thomas George Eagleton West. He’s the sixth of seven children in a large family. Thomas Francis Eagleton, his first cousin, served as the United States Senator from Missouri from 1968 until 1987.


Dominic West Wife

Catherine FitzGerald is his wife and the two have been blessed with four children. A daughter was born as a result of West’s involvement with Polly Astor, the daughter of late British politician Michael Astor, at the time of their separation. FitzGerald was married to him in Glin, Limerick, on June 26, 2010. Aristocrat FitzGerald was previously married to the 7th Earl of Durham, Edward Lambton, an Anglo-Irish aristocrat. Desmond FitzGerald, the 29th Knight of Glin, gave birth to her.

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Dominic West Children

West is married to FitzGerald and they have four children: Dominic, Christabel, Senan, and Francis. They also have a daughter, Martha West, from Dominic’s first relationship with Polly.


Dominic West Lily James

Wives should “turn a blind eye” to cheating spouses in their forties and fifties, according to The Affair’s 51-year-old actress.

Catherine FitzGerald, Dominic West’s wife, was the subject of much speculation among British film and television fans when images surfaced of her husband on a romantic break in Rome with actress Lily James.

It was just last month that FitzGerald took to the streets with her husband to announce, “Our marriage is robust and we’re very much still together,” in a statement.

James, and West, were seen kissing and cuddling the weekend prior. The Daily Mail stated that the co-stars stayed in a hotel room with a panoramic view of the city, only two minutes’ walk from the Spanish Steps.

At 49, FitzGerald may have concluded that her marriage to West of 10 years is “finished,” according to sources who spoke to The Sun. He has “feelings” for James since he told his wife, who is the mother of his four children, that he does so

Dominic West Affair

In October 2020, West was sighted in an affectionate embrace with English actress Lily James who raised concerns about his marital status. On October 13th, Dominic and his wife Catherine emerged from their home and embraced the cameras.

Dominic West’s Net Worth

Dominic has a net worth of $14 million in a total estate. He has built up a fortune as an actor, director, and musician thanks to his work in the film, television, and music industries.

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