Don Felder Age, Height, Wife, Daughter, Songs, Eagles and Net Worth

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Don Felder

Don Felder is a renowned American musician, songwriter, author and record producer, best known for his work as a former lead guitarist of the Eagles from 1974 to 2001. Don Felder is a songwriter and lead guitarist for the band Eagles. He is best known for his song, “Hotel California.

Felder was born in Florida. He played guitar from the age of 11, Felder attended Gainesville High School in there.

Don Felder was born on September 21, 1947 in Gainesville, Florida. He was raised as a Southern Baptist in a very religious community.

Felder was first drawn to music after watching Elvis Presley performing live on The Ed Sullivan Show. At age ten, he got his first guitar. He had bought it for $5 from a pawn shop at the five-and-dime in exchange for a handful of cherries. He began playing music as a self-taught musician and was heavily influenced by rock & roll. At the age of 13, he started his first band who were called The Continentals

As Felder did not have the finances to pay for lessons, he taught himself to play guitar by ear. He was able to learn music theory and music composition skills on his own, working at a music school founded by a Berklee graduate.

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Don Felder was born Donald William Felder on September 21, 1947 in Gainesville, Florida. He was raised in a Southern Baptist family. Don is 74 years old today in 2022.


Felder is 5′ 8″ inches tall and weighs 180 lbs.

Don Felder Wife

Felder is single and only has age on his side at this time. He had previously been engaged to Diane McInerney, the 48-year-old Inside Edition weekend anchor. After two years of dating, Felder proposed on their sunset walk in Malibu, CA. With one hand around her waist and the other holding a ring, he asked her to marry him. This would have been Don’s and Diane’s second marriages.

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The marriage was cancelled because of the rollout of a pandemic in 2020 during which they no longer shared the same interests, creating conflict. Diane wanted more time to look after her daughters in NYC’s state while Don was then living on the West Coast.

Prior, Felder was married to Susan in 1971, but they divorced after thirty years in marriage, in 2000. They have four children: Jesse, Rebecca, Cody and Leah Felder.


Felder, a former Eagles front-man and accomplished author, wrote a book about his life in the Eagles called Heaven and Hell: My Life in the Eagles (1974–2001). It was released back in 2008 and enjoyed quite the success! In a book about his life, Felder gives his own version of the events that led to his termination from the Eagles band in 2001. Additionally, he offers stories about his relationships with Glenn Frey and Don Henley who were the founding members of rock band; The Eagles.

Felder defended the content of his book saying “I wasn’t out to hang people’s heads for the whole community to see, that wasn’t the point of the book. The point was to tell his story.”

Don Felder Eagles

The Eagles invited Don to be their guitarist in 1974. He played slide guitar for “Good Day in Hell” and some solos for “Already Gone”. After that, they invited him back into the band.

The band started distancing themselves from the country rock sound into full-fledged rock music. They did it really fast too! The album “One of These Nights” only has one song where Felder sings lead but he co-wrote it with Don Henley and arranged the distinctive guitar solo and bass line.

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After founding member Bernie Leadon left in 1975 following the tour to support the album, Joe Walsh joined The Eagles.

When they jammed together, Felder and Leadon had both been in different bands and were experienced musicians with a variety of styles. They became one of rock music’s most memorable pairings onstage. In 2019, Felder also took care of banjo, mandolin and pedal steel guitar on future tours previously played by Leadon.

Felder co-wrote many songs for the Eagles, including “Take It Easy,” “Visions,” and “One Of These Nights.” He also wrote “Victim of Love” and “Hotel California” from the album Hotel California, “The Disco Strangler” and “Those Shoes” from the album The Long Run, and “Too Many Hands” from the album; One Of These Nights.

The Eagles released the first album after the lineup change with Hotel California. That album became a top-sellers internationally. Felder has 16 or 17 songs on it and they provide 10 of those songs, a title track, and “Victim of Love” which was one of them.

Eagles Disbanded

Randy Meisner left the band after the tour due to exhaustion and he was replaced by former Poco bassist Timothy B. Schmit, who had also replaced him in that band. The recording of The Long Run took 18 months and Felder & Glenn Frey were especially hostile to one another, which led to creative conflict. Cracks started emerging in the band as they slowly folded in small factions, even Henley and Frey began to have differences. However this was clearly the beginning of the end for a group that was once doing so well.

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The show in Long Beach was known for a lot of things, but what puts it on the list is not really that much in the end. It involved a confrontation between Felder and Frey which was when “the animosity between Felder and Frey boiled over before the show”.

Felder said “You’re welcome – I guess” to Cranston and his wife, that statement really offending Frey.

Frey finally snapped and angrily confronted Felder and threatening beatings began to fly in their part of the show. Frey took the threats too far by reminding Felder that he was going to Kick his ass when the duo gets off the stage. And that is how the Eagles disbanded.

 Heavy Metal

Felder had musical film credits too among his many other achievements. Among his credits in the 1980s are two songs on the soundtrack to the 1981 animated cult film Heavy Metal entitled “Heavy Metal (Takin’ a Ride)” with former bandmates Don Henley and Timothy B. Schmit.

In addition, “All of You” – with Jefferson Starship’s Mickey Thomas as backing vocalist, from 1985 motion picture adaptation of Neil Simon’s The Slugger’s Wife.

Don Felder Net Worth

Don Felder net worth is $65 million. He is a musician, songwriter, and record producer.

Don Felder Daughter

Don Felder, the guitarist for The Eagles, has a two daughters;  Rebecca and  Leah Elizabeth Felder, who is a tv personality and a musician.

Leah Elizabeth Felder, formerly Jenner, was born in Malibu on November 24th, 1982 to former Eagles guitarist Don Felder and Susan Felder. Also, along with her ex-husband Brandon she appeared on the reality TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians.