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Ela Vegan Biography

Ela Vegan is an American food stylist, writer, photographer, recipe developer, and owner of ElaVegan.com. She has always been a talented cook and has always had a vegan diet.

Ela enjoys being outdoors, particularly at the beach. She also has a strong compassion for animals. At the age of 6, Ela stopped consuming meat.

In September 2011, she converted to veganism. The wisest choice she ever made in her entire life was switching to a vegan diet. She had inner peace knowing she didn’t participate in the abuse and exploitation of farm animals.

After losing some weight and curing her cystic acne through a plant-based diet, Ela now has considerably more energy.

Ela Vegan Age

She was born on the American continent. Since Ela withheld information about her birth, it is impossible to determine her age. She appears to be in her late 40s based on her appearance, though.

Ela Vegan Family

She was a native American who lived there her entire life. At age 6, Ela developed an interest in going vegan. Since then, she has no longer consumed meat.

Ela has emerged as one of the most significant figures in the food sector, a group of individuals who live up to their beliefs and pursue their passions with admirable fire and vigor.

That is a perfect description of the infamous food blogger Ela. Ela has always kept a low profile concerning her parents and siblings despite her notoriety. READ ALSO; Naomi Gleit

Ela Vegan Marriage

In the vegan community, she serves as an excellent role model. Additionally, Ela promotes plant-based diets and frequently posts mouthwatering recipes on her social media profiles and website, ElaVegan.com.

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Her marital status is something she omits to mention or might decide not to. Whether she is married or not is a private matter.

Ela Vegan Recipes

– Vegan gluten-feee punpkin pie
– Apple pie cookies with almond flour
– The best vegan lentil soup
– Vegan lasagna soup ( one pot meal)
– Plum and Apple crumble ( crisp)
– Pumpkin pasta bake ( vegan)

Ela Vegan Net Worth

ElaVegan.com is her website, and she is an American blogger, food stylist, photographer, and recipe developer. Ela’s estimated total net worth is $3,694,572.

Ela Vegan Height

She is a taller-than-average woman. Ela’s height is 5 feet 7 inches (Approx 1.7 m).

Ela Vegan Blog

She cooks excellent and healthful vegan meals, and she posts the recipes on her blog. The majority of her recipes are simple to prepare, devoid of gluten, and without refined sugar. You may find vegan sweets like cakes and brownies on their blog. Other main dishes, including pizza, curries, casseroles, and soups, can be found on her page.

Ela wants to demonstrate that consuming plant-based foods is advantageous for both the environment and human health. S

he holds the opinion that the nourishment Mother Nature designed for humans was not intended to harm the body, or the environment, or kill billions of helpless creatures. Ela hopes to inspire people all around the world with her simple recipes and the vegan message.

In 2015, she began her career as a culinary blogger. Her Instagram account, where she presently has over 1.1 million followers, is where it actually began. Ela was a nominee for the Influencer Award of Monaco in the cuisine category four years later.

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One of her favorite professional experiences had been that one. Popular websites including Shape, Cosmopolitan, Dr. Axe, and Buzzfeed, among others, have published her work.