Ezra Chiloba’s CA Career Takes a Temporary Siesta

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The board Chair, Mary Mungai, dropped a bombshell on Monday, suspending Ezra Chiloba, the Director General of the Communication Authority of Kenya (CA). You know it’s serious business when Mary brings out the suspension cannon after a board meeting.

But wait, there’s more! They didn’t leave the CA rudderless. Nope, they’ve called upon Christopher Wambua to be the Acting Director General. It’s like an impromptu casting call for the top role in the CA, and Christopher landed the gig.

Mary couldn’t contain her enthusiasm as she announced this plot twist: “Following a meeting of the Authority’s Board held on 18th September 2023, resulting in the suspension of the Director General, I am pleased to inform all staff of the appointment of Mr. Christopher Wambua as Director General in Acting Capacity effective today until further notice. I trust that you will accord him the necessary support.” It’s almost like she’s introducing the lead actor in a soap opera.

And in case you’re wondering, this suspension comes just two years after Chiloba stepped into the Director General’s shoes. He inherited the role from Francis Wangusi, who rode off into the retirement sunset in 2021. According to the appointment letter, Chiloba was supposed to enjoy a four-year renewable term. Well, it seems like they’ve hit the pause button on that plan.

Before landing at the CA, Chiloba had his fair share of drama, getting sacked as the Chief Executive Officer of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission back in October 2018. Life sure knows how to keep this guy on his toes! Also Read: Moses Kuria Turns Up the Heat in the Gachagua Grill-Off

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Ezra Chiloba Age: The Man of Mystery! Born in the Age of Disco, Still Keeping Us Guessing

Ezra, the enigma from Trans Nzoia County, Kenya, made his grand entrance into the world in the groovy year of 1979. Now, here comes the plot twist – he’s currently somewhere between the ages of 43 and 44, and it’s safe to say that his birthday is the best-kept secret since the recipe for Coca-Cola!

Who is Ezra Chiloba

Ezra Chiloba Simiyu, the Kenyan high-flyer who was once the big cheese in the Communications Authority of Kenya, rode the Director General’s wave after taking the baton from Francis Wangusi on October 4, 2021. But hold onto your hats, folks, because today, they pressed the ‘eject’ button on his Director General’s chair!


Ezra has quite the resume rollercoaster. He went from being a Program Officer at Cemiride and Oxfam Novib, where he probably juggled more projects than the average person juggles breakfast mandazi Then, he took on the role of Human Rights Officer at KNHCR, where he must’ve had a hotline to the fairness police. But wait, there’s more! He even stepped up to be a Project Manager at UNDP, where he presumably managed projects with the finesse of a circus ringmaster.

But that’s not all, folks! In 2015, he decided to take on the fancy title of “Deputy Team Leader (Governance)” at the Drivers of Accountability Programme (DAP). Yes, he was the deputy team leader, which we assume is like being the Robin to Batman, but for governance.

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And then, in January 2015, he made his grand entrance as the CEO of the IEBC. But, as life often imitates sitcoms, in April 2018, he got suspended, and it turned into a legal tug-of-war that must’ve had lawyers rubbing their hands in glee. Finally, after a bit of a kerfuffle, he was given his walking papers.

But wait, the show’s not over! After his IEBC adventure, he put on his entrepreneurial hat and became the Principal Partner at Chil & Kemp Strategies, where we assume he strategized his way through countless cups of coffee.

Oh, and let’s not forget his cameo appearance as a board member of the Youth Enterprise Development Fund. He probably gave them some serious enterprise-y advice.

Ezra Chiloba Education

Chiloba embarked on his epic educational journey from the hallowed halls of Mutua Primary School in Kwanza County. Picture a young Chiloba, backpack swinging, ready to take on the world.

But that was just the beginning! He then set his sights on St. Joseph’s Kitale High School, where he probably aced the art of balancing textbooks on his head.

And just when you thought he’d had enough of school, he marched his way to Kwanza Boys High School, proving that his appetite for knowledge was as big as his dreams.

Fast forward to his university days, and Chiloba decided to add some academic bling to his name. He snagged a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Nairobi. Yes, he’s got a law degree up his sleeve, just in case he wants to debate with himself in the mirror.

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But wait, there’s more! He then jetted off to the University of Oxford, where he mastered the art of Major Programme Management (MMPM). Imagine him with a graduation cap and a gavel, managing all the major programs in sight.

And just when you thought he’d collected enough degrees to fill a library, he popped over to Central European University in Hungary to grab a Master of Public Policy. Because, you know, why not throw some policy-making into the mix?

So, there you have it, Chiloba’s academic journey from Mutua to mastering pretty much everything under the sun. If there’s ever a “Most Educated Person in the Room” competition, he’s definitely a top contender!

Perfectly Timed Suspension: Is He About to Swap His Desk for a Tractor?

Isn’t Ezra Chiloba’s suspension just perfectly timed? Just as the El Nino rains start their dance, we can’t help but wonder if we’ll catch him donning overalls and a straw hat, embarking on a thrilling career in farming. Maybe he’s got a secret love for carrots or dreams of being the coolest cucumber farmer in Kitale.

Or, who knows, perhaps he’s planning to head back to school for that elusive PhD. It seems like the rainy season has brought a shower of possibilities for our suspended friend. Will he become Dr. Chiloba, the PhD-toting farmer? Only time (and the weather forecast) will tell)