Jeni Diprizio Local 24, Bio, Age, Height, Husband, Cancer, Wiki and Salary

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Jeni Diprizio Biography and Wiki

Jeni Diprizio is an American Emmy award-winning reporter previously worked as the Senior Investigative Reporter for Local 24 News and CW 30 News. She left the station in 2022 after spending over two decades there. Going through documents, databases, and public records, she connects the dots to uncover and investigate corruption and wrong-doing in the Mid-South.

Jeni Diprizio Age

Ah, the mystery of Jeni’s age! It’s like trying to solve a riddle wrapped in an enigma. We don’t know if she’s a millennial, a Gen Xer, or a time traveler from the future. Maybe she’s a vampire who doesn’t age at all. Who knows? But if she decides to spill the beans, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Jeni Diprizio Education

Diprizio information about her educational background is currently not known. Her educational details are under review and will be updated once confirmed.

Jeni Diprizio Height

Diprizio stands at an approximated height of 5 feet 6 inches (1.68 m). Information regarding her other body measurements is currently under research.

Jeni Diprizio Family

Well, well, well, it seems like Diprizio’s family is more mysterious than a magician’s trick! The details about her parents and siblings are kept under wraps, and it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack. But fear not, dear folks, as soon as we uncover any juicy details, we’ll make sure to spill the beans!

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Jeni Diprizio Husband

Well, well, well, seems like Jeni is keeping her love life a secret! It’s like trying to uncover a top-secret government file. We have no clue whether she’s married, single, or in a complicated relationship status. Is she a cat lady or a dog mom? Does she have kids or just a collection of rare rocks? The world may never know, but we’ll keep you updated if she ever spills the tea on her personal life.

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Jeni Diprizio Local 24 News

Jeni Diprizio, aka the Mid-South Sherlock Holmes, is an Emmy award-winning investigative reporter who spent over two decades at Local 24 News and CW 30 News. With her unparalleled sleuthing skills, she digs through documents, databases, and public records to uncover corruption and wrong-doing in the Mid-South. She left the station in 2022, but we have a feeling her nose for news won’t stay dormant for long.

Jeni Diprizio is like a dog with a bone when it comes to uncovering corruption and wrongdoing in the Mid-South. She sniffs out abuse of taxpayer dollars, government officials not doing their jobs, and people taking advantage of “the system” faster than a bloodhound on a scent.

From busting a city council member whose mom got a free house paid for by taxpayers to investigating sex offenders serving on ice cream trucks, her stories have bite and often result in laws or policies being changed.

Diprizio has been digging up dirt for over two decades at Local 24 News and CW 30 News, and she’s not afraid to get her paws dirty. She’s spent years uncovering problems at the Memphis Animal Shelter, the General Sessions Court Clerk’s Office, and misspending in city and county government. Her investigation into the Memphis Animal Shelter even attracted national attention and shone a light on the abuse taking place there.

In September 2012, Diprizio caught Memphis City Schools illegally demolishing a school, which led to the Shelby County Health Department declaring the area under asbestos contamination. Memphis City Schools and three contractors were also cited and fined by the county.

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Jeni’s been a part of the Local 24 news team since November 2000 and was the team’s top dog reporter. Before sinking her teeth into Memphis, she worked at WJRT in Flint, Michigan, and at TV stations in Vermont, Arizona, and Montana. With multiple Associated Press Investigative Reporting awards and three Emmy nominations under her collar, she’s definitely earned her stripes.

Jeni Diprizio Cancer

In 2018, Diprizio had a run-in with Hairy Cell Leukemia, which, to clarify, is not a type of cancer that causes excessive hair growth. She first became aware of the issue during Memorial Day weekend that year.

Jeni kicked off her treatment in August 2018, which started with a week of chemo using a drug called cladribine. Then came an eight-week treatment of rituximab, which kicked off in January 2019. During this time, she was essentially under house arrest due to her low blood counts. Jeni only ventured out for blood tests at the doctor’s office, wearing a mask each time.

Although Hairy Cell Leukemia can be treated, it can’t be cured. This means that Jeni will have this type of leukemia forever. At the moment, she’s in remission, but she may need to go through treatment again at some point in the future. And, no, there is still no cure for the kind of “Hairy Cell”

Jeni Diprizio Salary

Jeni’s salary is shrouded in mystery like a good investigative story. Rumor has it that her annual earnings fall somewhere between what a decent used car costs and what Jeff Bezos spends on a weekend getaway. As for her net worth, let’s just say that she’s not exactly eating ramen noodles for dinner every night. But hey, she’s a hard-working reporter, so she deserves every penny!

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