Jimmy Fortune: From Songs to I Believe, Elizabeth & Children

Jimmy Fortune Image
Jimmy Fortune Image

Jimmy Fortune is a household name in the American country music scene. He started his career as a member of The Statler Brothers, one of the most successful country music groups of all time. Serving as their tenor for 21 years, he helped the group to achieve numerous awards and accolades including several Grammy awards and induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Apart from his contribution to The Statler Brothers’ success as a singer, Jimmy Fortune also wrote one of their most popular songs “Elizabeth”. His songwriting talent was not limited to just this song though. He penned many other hits during his tenure with the group such as “Too Much on My Heart” and “My Only Love”.


As a young man, Jimmy started his career as a member of The Statler Brothers. He joined the group in 1982 as a replacement for their original tenor singer Lew DeWitt. During his time with The Statler Brothers, Jimmy helped create some of their most iconic songs such as “More Than A Name On A Wall,” which won Song of the Year at the Country Music Awards in 1989.

After The Statler Brothers retired in 2002, Jimmy Fortune embarked on a solo career that has seen him release multiple albums that have topped various charts across America.

Fortune, a former member of the legendary country music group The Statler Brothers, released his first solo CD titled “When One Door Closes” back in August 2003 on Audium Koch. This album was highly anticipated by fans and industry insiders alike as it marked the start of a new chapter in Jimmy’s career.

The album features 12 tracks that showcase Jimmy’s unique vocal talent and songwriting ability. Some of the standout songs include “More Than A Name On A Wall”, which was inspired by a war memorial in Washington D.C., and “Too Much On My Heart”, which is an emotional ballad that showcases Jimmy’s ability to connect with his audience through his music.

“When One Door Closes” received critical acclaim and commercial success upon its release, peaking at number six on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart.


Jimmy Fortune is a well-known country music singer and songwriter who has been making waves in the industry for decades. Despite his age, of 68, Jimmy continues to produce music that resonates with fans around the world. Born on March 11, 1955, in Williamsburg, Virginia, Jimmy grew up surrounded by music and was heavily influenced by artists such as Hank Williams Sr., Jim Reeves, and Marty Robbins.

Jimmy Fortune, Wife

Jimmy Fortune is a legendary country music artist, known for his incredible voice and soulful lyrics. But behind every great man, there is an even greater woman. For Jimmy, that woman is his loving wife Nina, the two married on October 10, 1998.

Nina has been by Jimmy’s side through thick and thin, supporting him on his musical journey and helping him navigate the ups and downs of the industry. She is not only his partner in life but also in business, playing an instrumental role in managing Jimmy’s career.

Despite being married for over 20 years, their love story remains as strong as ever. They have weathered many storms together but have always come out stronger on the other side. Having such a devoted partner has undoubtedly played a significant part in Jimmy’s success and longevity in the music industry. It goes to show that sometimes having someone special by your side can make all the difference in achieving your dreams.


Jimmy Fortune has had a colorful love life, with three marriages and a total of seven children. Among his offspring are three daughters named Meghann, Jessica, and Courtney, as well as four sons named Matthew, Chris, Grant, and Jimmy Jr.

Fortune is incredibly proud of his children’s accomplishments. In fact, he often mentions them during interviews or concerts to show gratitude for their support throughout his career. Whether it be through music or other endeavors, it is clear that the Fortune family values hard work and dedication in everything they do.

Jimmy Fortune I Believe

Jimmy Fortune’s album, I Believe, released on August 17th, 2004 by Fortune Enterprises is a collection of country gospel songs that showcase the singer’s incredible vocal range and heartfelt lyrics. The album features thirteen tracks that are sure to leave listeners feeling uplifted and inspired. Jimmy Fortune has been a household name in the music industry for over three decades and I Believe cements his place as one of the finest country gospel musicians of our time.

The opening track on I Believe is “ Take Me There,” which sets the tone for an album filled with faith, hope, and redemption. The song immediately captures your attention with its infectious melody and uplifting lyrics. Throughout the rest of the album, Jimmy Fortune continues to deliver powerful performances that are both emotional and inspiring.


1 Take Me There
2 Be With Me
3 He’s Gettin’ Me Ready
4 I Believe
5 Amazing Grace
6 I Wrote It In Red
7 He Touched Me
8 That’s What I Call Love
9 Over The Sunset Mountains
10 The Lord’s Prayer
11 I’ll Fly Away
12 How Great Thou Art
13 Country Sunday

Jimmy Fortune Songs

Fortune is a renowned American country music artist who has been in the industry for over four decades. He began his career as a member of the Statler Brothers band, where he served as lead vocalist and guitarist. During his tenure with the band, he wrote some of their most famous hits, including “Elizabeth” and “More Than a Name on a Wall.”

Following the Statler Brothers’ retirement in 2002, Jimmy embarked on a successful solo career. He has released several albums, including “When One Door Closes,”. One of his most popular songs is “Too Much on My Heart,” others include:

Just A Closer Walk With Thee
If I Was God
Danny Boy
Virginia Dreams
On the Other Side
Closer To You
Take It To The Limit
Love the Hate Away
I Believe
Amazing Grace
How Great Thou Art
In The Sweet By And By
Rock Of Ages

Too Much on My Heart
Far Side Banks Of Jordan
More Than a Name on a Wall
The Other Side Of The Cross
My Only Love
Precious Memories
Victory In Jesus
Life’s Railway To Heaven

Jimmy Fortune, Elizabeth

Born in 1955, he began his music career as a member of the iconic country group The Statler Brothers in 1982. During his time with the group, Jimmy wrote several hit songs such as “Elizabeth,” “More Than a Name on the Wall,” and “Too Much on My Heart.”
“Elizabeth” is the song written by J. Fortune and sung by American country music group The Statler Brothers. The song, which was released in November 1983, is the second single from the album Today made by the group. The song became the 44th country hit and second number one of The Statler Brothers.

One of his most beloved hits is still poignant ballad “Elizabeth,” which tells the story of a man’s undying love for his childhood sweetheart. The song’s emotional lyrics and heartfelt melody have made it a timeless classic that still resonates with fans today. Fans of Jimmy Fortune often cite “Elizabeth” as one of their favorite songs, and it continues to be one of his most requested tracks during live performances.

Jimmy Fortune Net Worth

Fortune is a country music legend with a career spanning over four decades. He first gained fame as the tenor singer for the iconic band, The Statler Brothers, and went on to launch a successful solo career. With his distinctive voice and heartfelt songs, Jimmy has won over millions of fans around the world.

Over the years, Jimmy’s success in the music industry has translated into an impressive net worth. According to sources, his current estimated net worth is $5 million. This is largely due to his continued popularity among country music enthusiasts and his ongoing touring schedule.

Despite achieving significant wealth and success throughout his career, Jimmy remains humble and focused on creating great music that resonates with audiences of all ages.