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Julia Chatterley is a popular British News anchor who currently works for CNN International. She previously worked at Bloomberg and was a frequent co-host on Bloomberg Markets and What’d You Miss? You can catch her on “First Move with Julia Chatterley” at 9 am ET every day on CNN International.

She has a lot of experience in covering major global business stories and also the Covid-19 pandemic. From what I have read, it seems that she brought a new level of insight to CNN’s coverage of these important events. She’s a reporter and she’s often who has reported about US-China trade relations, Brexit, and the Davos World Economic Forum.

Chatterley’s background is in Economics and not journalism, and now she plows her trade as a journalist at  CNN International since 2018. Previously she worked at Bloomberg, hosting their daily shows on economics and business news, as well as conducting live events

Julia is an excellent graduate of the prestigious London School of Economics. She started her career in finance at Morgan Stanley, working in their London office. There she gained the appropriate level of experience in Fixed Income, including swaps trading, foreign exchange sales & trading, and Securitized Products Research.

She left her finance job to become an anchor at CNBC International. On the network, she co-hosted Squawk Box and Street Signs, in addition to hosting other specials.

While there, she covered global markets and breaking business news in addition to EU leaders’ summits, G7 meetings, and NATO summits. She has also reported on a lot of important elections, including those in Greece, Spain, and Italy. She interviewed a number of international politicians and finance ministers as well.

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Julia Chatterley Age

Chatterley has been around since 1982, Now she is 39 years old and she’ll be 40 by sometime in 2022. She’s a nationalized Brit who belongs to an unidentified mixture of ethnicities, Also, her zodiac sign is Virgo. We don’t know the exact date Julia was born, but her horoscope suggests her birthday is somewhere between August 23rd and September 22nd.

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Julia Chatterley Birthday

It’s uncertain when Julia’s birthday is but judging from her zodiac sign, Virgo, we can infer that it is probably somewhere from August 23rd to September 22nd.


Julia’s a first-class honors graduate in economics from the London School of Economics.

Julia Chatterley Height

She is of average height and size, standing at 5 feet 7 inches tall.


Julia Chatterley was born in London, England. She has a great track record of keeping her private life out of the public sphere. The only thing we know is that she’s married, Do they have children? We searched and we found no sign that they do.

Julia Chatterley Salary

In 2022, Chatterley’s salary was about $120,000 a year ($60 per hour). But she may make more or less depending on where she works and how long she’s been doing it.

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Julia Chatterley Net Worth

Based on the small pool of evidence that can substantiate Julia’s ability, it appears that she knows how to manage money. She went to one of the world’s best economics schools, but there are plenty of sources claiming her total net worth is $1 million or so.

Julia’s net worth is the number of assets that she has minus the number of liabilities that she may have. It is a measure of the difference between what someone owns and how much money she owes.

The net worth of an individual can be calculated by adding up their financial assets, such as cash in hand, stocks and shares, bonds and property, and subtracting any outstanding debts which include bank loans, credit card balances, and mortgages.

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Net worth may include home equity, automobiles, bank savings, stocks, and other investments, royalties from books or inventions, and cash. It does not take into account items such as personal possessions or consumer goods that have no resale value.

What Does Julia Chatterley do for CNN?| First move CNN

Julia just sits on a chair and talks for hours each day. She is the host of the show “First Move with Julia Chatterley” at 9 am ET a daily show on CNN International. On CNN, She has covered various major global business stories such as the Covid-19 pandemic. She is experienced in talking about transformative technologies in the financial sector, including global payments, how blockchain technology works, and cryptocurrencies.

Julia Chatterley Wikipedia

NO. We looked everywhere for evidence that Chatterley is on Wikipedia and we found nothing.

Where Did Julia Chatterley go to School?

She was born in London and was fortunate to have studied at the prestigious, London School of Economics. From there, she worked as a banker before shifting into journalism. Julia understands money and talks about it all day long.

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Julia Chatterley Weight Loss

She’s never publicly shared her weight loss journey, but many of her fans have noticed that she’s been looking slimmer lately. It is unknown how much she weighs, but it is possible that she weighs about 100 pounds. No no idea how Julia lost weight. Anyways, there’s no one answer, but there are a few good ways to get you off the couch. If you’re not sure where to start or if diet changes and exercise seem daunting, fastly, let us give you a wake-up call to get started.

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Take this as a threat! Weight loss is a thing that you need to do or you will die. It’s not like it’s optional. It’s not like there are other things you can do instead of this, to make yourself feel better. You have to eat less and move more or else your heart will explode or your brain will stop working or something else terrifying will happen to your body. How did we do, huh?

Trying to lose weight is difficult because there are so many factors that need to be considered, such as sleep, stress levels, hunger levels, water intake, exercise routine, and more. All these things can impact the weight loss process in different ways and it can be easy for someone who is trying to lose weight to get discouraged when progress doesn’t seem fast enough.

London School of Economics and Political Science Rankings

The London School of Economics and Political Science is ranked number 230 in the world and 98 in the UK  when it comes to universities. The data for this ranking was gathered by examining how the university performs in a number of key areas such as research, academics, and more.

London School of Economics Acceptance Rate

London School of economics reported statistics. The acceptance rate at 17%, 266 applications, 2020/21 data and according to admissionreport.com

Julia Chatterley is on Instagram

She has posted over 531 posts about some news highlights, to her 27.6k followers on the social platform https://www.instagram.com/jchatterleycnn/