Kim Gravel, Age, Husband, Kim of Queens, Clothing and Kids

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Kim Gravel

Kim Gravel

Kim Gravel is a multi-talented figure in the world of business & entertainment. She is a TV personality, public speaker, industry leader, certified life coach, mentor, and consultant. Kim has her own TV weekly series “Kim of Queens!”

In 2016, fashion designer Kim Gravel partnered with QVC to launch her highly successful apparel line, Belle by Kim Gravel. A year later the fashion designer launched a beauty line called Belle Beauty.

At the age of 19, she became one of the youngest Miss Georgia in the state pageant’s history in 1991.

Kim went on to represent her home state in the renowned Miss America pageant, where she was asked to serve as US Goodwill Ambassador to Japan. She spent most of her time speaking at corporations and the Japanese parliament.

Ms. Gravel has the skills of communicating and leading people, as well as being a certified Life Coach. People love her straightforward style, which is no surprise to those who have been a client or follower.

Her keynote topics include topics such as women’s empowerment, motivational messages, and perception of beauty. And her conferences are attended by thousands of attendees annually.

Kim Gravel Husband

Kim married Travis in 2001, and they have been in a strong marriage since then. The wedding was attended by their closest family & friends, and they exchanged vows at the ceremony. The couple is so glad to welcome their two boys, which were born in 2010 & 2012! they live in Metro Atlanta where it’s warm all year round!

Kim Gravel Age

Mrs. Gravel is 50 years old today! Gravel was born on July 27th, 1971, in South Carolina, However, she grew up in Atlanta Georgia.

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Kim Gravel Clothing

KIM has been successfully operating her own company for over 20 years. For 19 years, she designed women’s clothing and was also an artist. Kim is the owner of Belle Beauty and clothing by Kim Gravel.

In addition to being cheaper overall, the clothes from The Belle’s collection are as famous as her. They seem to always be one shade too bright or too big for those who order them online, so it’s best to go down a size.

Is Kim Gravel Still Married?

Is Kim married? Gravel is currently married to her husband Travis Gravel. The couple got married officially on August 25, 2001. They are proud parents of two sons, Beau and Blanton Gravel.

Kim Gravel Kids

The love shared between Kim and her husband is seen through the two kids they have together, Beau born in 2010, and Blanton in 2012.

Experiencing a marriage that lasts for a lifetime is a dream come true. However, being a parent is not always easy and there are times when the responsibilities of parenthood just feel too much to bear. Kim is a proud mother indeed.

What Do Pageant Coaches Do?

A pageant coach is someone who will help a contestant prepare for the competition. They work with the contestants to help them develop their personalities and confidence.

They provide guidance and support during the process of preparing for and participating in a pageant. This includes helping with speech training, gymnastics training, and dance training. They also help make sure that the contestant has everything they need before they start practicing for a particular event or competition.

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Who Won Miss Georgia 2021?

Georgia is very proud of its beauty queen history.

Ms. Georgia has been crowned Miss Georgia since 1944. There are five official titles in the pageant: Miss Georgia, Miss Congeniality, Teen Miss America, Little Miss Georgia, and Little Miss America.

The Miss Georgia Scholarship Competition dates back to the 1940s. It began as a pageant associated with the Southern Fair Association in Atlanta(

After placing as the fourth runner-up last year, Former Auburn cheerleader Cora Lynn Griffen has crowned Miss Georgia USA in 2021. Congratulations to the former Auburn cheerleader for doing so well! She was crowned as Miss Georgia USA at The Avalon in McDonough on February 20th. She’ll represent her state for the title of Miss America 2021.

How Do You Find a Good Pageant Coach?

It is challenging to find a good pageant coach. They need to be knowledgeable, experienced, and able to work with different personalities.

One of the best sites to find coaching on Pageant Planet is also one of the easiest. They offer a membership program that offers all kinds of assistance and even provides mock interviews. It’s the place where you can connect with other pageant hopefuls and learn from their experiences too.

I believe that finding a good pageant coach is not as difficult as it seems. In order for you to find the right person, you need to consider their experience and level of expertise before getting a coach.

There are many other ways you can go about finding a good pageant coach. Some of them include: asking friends and family members who have worked with coaches in the past, contacting local organizations or groups that may have recommendations for coaches, going on Google, and looking up different sources of information on the internet about different pageant coaching companies.

How Much Do Pageant Coaches Make?

One of the most common questions pageant coaches hear is how much do they make?

The answer is that it depends on where you are coaching. The average salary for a coach is around $30,000, but some have even made six-figure salaries. If you want to be a pageant coach, it’s important to know what the job entails so you can determine how much your time will be worth.

How Do You Become Miss Georgia?

You must have been born during the years of 1994-2003, never have participated in a previous national MISS USA Pageant,  not have participated in another 2022 State Preliminary to the MISS USA pageant.

Congratulations! It sounds like you’re just the woman our nation deserves. In addition, you must never have given birth to a child, can not be pregnant or be a parent,  be of good health and moral character,  be a Citizen of the United States, and be recognized medically and legally as a female in the United States.

How Long Has Kim Gravel Been on QVC?

She has been on QVC for 5 years. Gravel first joined QVC (the network on which she first appeared) in 2016! She got her start with an apparel line that was inclusive of all shapes & sizes. Gravel starred in her second line, called Belle Beauty by QVC host Kim Gravel, which has since sold nearly 300K units.

Was Kim Gravel Miss America?

In 1991, at the age of 19, Kim became one of the youngest Miss Georgia’s in history. She went on to represent her home state in the renowned Miss America pageant.

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Why Was Kim of Queens Cancelled?

This question received a lot of attention on the internet and many people have their own theories. Some believe that Queens was canceled due to its poor ratings, while others believe that it was because of the show’s lack of diversity.

Kim of Queens was a short-lived sitcom that failed to gain the popularity it deserved. Critics said that there was not enough laughter in the show and it lacked originality.

Is Kim Gravel a Drag Queen?

A drag queen is a person, usually male, who uses drag clothing and makeup to imitate and often exaggerate female gender signifiers and gender roles for entertainment purposes.

As I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, I stumbled upon a meme that caught my eye. The question was about who is Kim Gravel? For those of you who are not familiar with the name, she is a drag queen who has been in the spotlight for years.

The post discussed how people have been thinking that she is not actually a drag queen because of her appearance. A lot of people also questioned whether or not she actually has an identity crisis and decided to only dress up every day and photograph her outfits for Instagram, which many people were arguing wasn’t drag at all.

I am going to present my opinion on the matter and make sure to give both sides of this argument. Kim Gravel, to be honest, I could not see her as a drag queen, she is female and she is not imitating the male gender at all, neither is she a drag king.

What Was The Last Episode of Kim of Queens?

Kim of Queens was a Lifetime reality TV show which follows Kim, her sister, and her mother as they train young girls for beauty pageants. The series premiered on January 1, 2014, The series was canceled around 2015, However, the last show is unknown.

Does Kim Gravel Still Do Pageants?

It’s tough to find information about her pageant career, it is also not known if she still does, however, her sister Allisyn is the one who currently owns and operates The Pageant Place where she coaches over 150 girls nationwide according to pageant planet.

Who is Kim Gravel’s Sister?

Kim has a sister Allisyn Hardee who owns and operates The Pageant Place. Previously, Allisyn starred on the hit reality tv show “Kim of Queens” as she starred alongside her mother Jo and sister, Kim.

Furthermore, She appears regularly on Headline News Network (HLN), The Steve Harvey Show, and various radio talk shows around the country.

Is Kim Gravel a Woman?

Kim Gravel is a woman, yes.

This is a difficult question to answer as there is no concrete definition of a woman. There are different opinions on what makes someone a woman and other genders so it’s difficult to say if Kim Gravel is or isn’t a woman. However, she meets most of the characteristics of a woman; She’s a woman and she won the Georgia pageant in 1991 according to certain criteria, like you need to be a woman to compete.

How Old is Kim of Queens?

The show was first aired in 2014, and If it was not canceled, it should be 7 years old today in 2021. Kim Gravel herself is 50 years old.

Does Kim Gravel Live in Georgia?

Yes, Kim lives in Metro Atlanta, Georgia, and has two children: Beau and Blanton. However, she was born in South Carolina.

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How Tall is Kim Gravel From QVC?

Gravel stands at an average height of 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 m).

Kim Gravel Haircut

Many people think Kim’s haircut looks different now than it did in the 1990s. Nowadays, she has a blonde pixie cut instead of the typically Victorian-era bob cuts. Most people think this change happened around 2006 and some even say as early as 2005! we are not sure, but what do you think? She looks pretty white blonde haircut.

Kim Gravel Net Worth

Kim, popularly known as the Kim of Queen Star, is estimated to have a total estate of $5 million by 2021.

Ѕhе іѕ аlѕо іntо buѕіnеѕs аnd оwns Веllе Bеautу Cоmраnу whісh hаvе been соntrіbuting to her wellbeing.

Kim Gravel QVC

In 2016, fashion designer Kim Gravel partnered with QVC to launch her highly successful apparel line, Belle by Kim Gravel. A year later the fashion designer launched a beauty line called Belle Beauty.

Did Any Kim of Queens Win Miss Georgia?

Kim of Queens was a reality show that didn’t win Miss Georgia, but Kim Gravel who starred in the same show as Kim won Miss Georgia in 1991. Her mom Jo & her sister Allisyn both appeared on the same TV show as well.

Podcast: LOL Kim Gravel

Kim Gravel is a modern Southern woman who thrives on humor and tells it like it is. She always has the best attitude and life is always more enjoyable when she can laugh!

Every Thursday, Kim Gravel invites viewers on her show to explore the world of topics that are near and dear to their hearts – including relationships, sex, business successes, and more!

Kim’s latest podcast was about interpreting dreams with a spiritual healer Rob Miller, Sometimes, the person who interprets your dreams is also a part of your life! For this week’s show, Kim had her dreams interpreted by someone she already knows, Zac’s dad.

Kim has her dreams interpreted by Zac’s dad! I hope nothing happens to Kim, but it sounds like Zac’s dad is doing a pretty great job at interpreting her subconscious mind. Song lyrics are not always easy to figure out…you might never know why you keep dreaming of someone wearing green pants or six-pack abs.

Furthermore, if you want to live forever, this week listen in on Kim Gravel’s LOL with Kim and Zac podcast. They talked to an anti-aging expert, who talks about ways you can take control of your own wellbeing, and simple habits that can keep yourself young and healthy.


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