Michelle Bogowith: Go-To Weathercaster on WDAF TV

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Michelle Bogowith Bio and Wiki

Michelle Bogowith is the weathercaster on Fox 4 affiliate WDAF TV between mid-morning and noon. bringing in her experience as a meteorologist from other local broadcasts. Since joining the Fox 4 team, she has been providing viewers with reliable information about current and upcoming weather conditions.

Along with her broadcasting duties, Michelle also works as a reporter for WDAF, covering stories relating to the environment and related topics that affect the region.

On air, Michelle uses her extensive knowledge of meteorology to bring accurate forecasts to viewers every day during her show. She also provides useful tips and advice on how best to protect oneself against extreme weather conditions such as tornadoes or thunderstorms.

Bogowith is a talented and dedicated weathercaster on WDAF TV. She brings enthusiasm and professionalism to her role each day, ensuring viewers get the most accurate information about local weather conditions. Her career has been successful due to her hard work and dedication to excellence in her craft. She is an inspiration to anyone looking to pursue a career in meteorology or television broadcasting. By staying informed with the latest scientific data, Michelle provides viewers with dependable forecasts so they can plan their days accordingly.

Michelle Bogowith Age and Birthday

Michelle was born on January 6, 1987, in St. Louis, Missouri, United States of America. She is 36 years old as of 2024.

Michelle Meaning

The name Michelle is a popular female name that has held meaning for hundreds of years. In the French language, it is derived from the Hebrew word מִיכָאֵל (Mikha’el), meaning “Who is like God?” In English, this name translates to mean “gift from God”.

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Traditionally, Michelle has been associated with strength and beauty. The powerful image of this name was originally seen as a reflection of the power and grace of a woman who was able to rise above difficult circumstances and achieve greatness. Today, many people still see the same qualities in the name Michelle. It can be used to inspire young women and serve as an example of what hard work and dedication can accomplish.

Michelle also carries religious connotations in some circles, representing faithfulness and loyalty to God or higher spiritual powers.

Michelle Bogowith Parents and Siblings

She grew up with her brother Matthew and her mother. The young Michelle developed an interest in the environment after seeing a water spout during the family vacation in Gulf Shores, Alabama at the age of seven. And that’s how the younger version of her who watched from the deck the storms knew she wanted to be a meteorologist.

Michelle Bogowith Husband

Michelle Bogowith became engaged to her husband Gary Brown in 2016. On September 02, 2017, Michelle Bogowith got married to her husband Gary Brown. They performed their wedding ceremony in St. Louis. They are having a good and happy marriage and there is currently no news of a divorce.

Meteorologist Michelle Bogowith and her family are celebrating the best Mother’s Day gift ever this year – a new baby boy! On Saturday, the weatherwoman shared the exciting news on her Facebook page in 2022.

“We welcomed our beautiful baby boy into our family over the weekend,” she wrote. “My heart is so full of love! What an amazing Mother’s Day present!” Bogowith went on to thank her family for their support during this special time, saying, “They have been such an incredible help through this journey.” She also thanked friends for their well wishes as she embarks upon motherhood.

This is not Bogowith’s first child; she also has a daughter born 2020, with whom she shares many sweet moments. Now that there are two children in the house, things will certainly be more lively!

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Michelle Bogowith Education

Michelle graduated from St. Charles, Missouri Francis Howell North High School in 2004. She graduated from the University of Missouri with a Bachelor’s degree in Meteorology and Telecommunications in 2008. She subsequently completed her Masters in Meteorology in 2011, to further excel in her field.

Michelle Bogowith’s Salary and Net Worth

Michelle Bogowith also has a net worth in the millions, with an annual amount of $40 thousand monthly salary. We may presume it compensated her well for years of weather reporting work.

Michelle Bogowith possibly has an outstanding monthly income with considerable experience in the field of weather coverage. Even though the exact amount is not visible, we can presume that she gets a nice sum of salary.

Bogowith Career

Bogowith said she was fascinated by the weather forecasting world after witnessing a waterspout while on holiday. She is currently a WDAF-TV meteorologist. It is located in the city of Kansas. In fact, she is a seal holder for CBM.

Bogowith describes herself as passionate about the sport. She has been a part of reporting several critical events such as hurricanes and tornadoes throughout her career to date. He has traveled to other areas of the U.S. to study thunderstorms, flooding, and hurricanes.

Her television professional career started in 2008. She appeared first on KOMU-TV in January of that year. Soon she was able to scale the ranks after many years and became an evening meteorologist.

Michelle’s job at KOMU-TV has been a stepping stone to her future weather forecasting career. She quickly became involved with WDAF-TV, after showcasing her talent there for many years.

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Michelle Bogowith has so far received several awards for her work in the area of meteorology and weather forecasting. She was awarded the 2010 MBA Award. The award was in the Best Weathercast category.

Bogowith Awards and Achievement

Michelle also won the Columbia Award in the same category as her preceding prize. She has received another two MBA awards.

In addition, she has won the Edward R. Murrow Award and the SPJ Delta Chi Award. In 2010 the recipient of the MBA Award for Best Weathercast. She won both awards, which included in 2012;

  • Best of Columbia Award Winner, Best Weathercaster
  • MBA Award Winner for Best Weathercast
  • MBA Award Winner for Best News Series
  • KC Press Club Award Winner for Best Documentary “32 Minutes in May”
  • Edward R. Murrow Award Winner for Best Documentary “32 Minutes in May”
  • SPJ Sigma Delta Chi Award Winner for Best Documentary “32 Minutes in

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