Michelle Relerford “Who is She? Explore Her Wiki and Bio

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Michelle Relerford Bio and Wiki

In the vibrant cityscape of Chicago, Michelle Relerford reigns supreme as the Weekday Morning Co-Anchor for NBC 5 News Today, bringing you the news with a dash of hometown flair. Born and bred in the Windy City, Michelle’s journey started at Whitney Young High School, where she aced the art of future news anchoring.

Venturing beyond the city limits, Michelle took her wit and wisdom to the University of Connecticut, majoring in Journalism and English. During her college escapades, she interned with NBC Chicago’s Investigative Unit, probably digging up some groundbreaking stories or perfecting her coffee-fetching skills – who’s to say?

The news bug bit her hard, and her first reporting gig landed her in South Bend, Indiana, at WNDU. Rumor has it; that she mastered the art of delivering news with a touch of Hoosier hospitality. Then came a stint in Cleveland, Ohio, where she probably schooled the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on the rhythm of news reporting.

Boston beckoned, and Michelle answered the call, anchoring weekends and reporting for WHDH-TV. She might have rubbed elbows with Samuel Adams and Paul Revere on her way to uncovering the tea on the latest news.

But, destiny had grand plans for her homecoming. In September 2011, Michelle returned to her roots as a Reporter and Fill-In Anchor for NBC 5 News in Chicago. Back in her element, she navigated the city’s stories with the finesse of a deep-dish pizza chef.

With two Emmy nominations under her belt, Michelle’s rise continued, and in 2016, she ascended to the throne of Weekend Evening Anchor. Whether reporting on the mysteries of Cleveland or the trials of Montgomery, Alabama, Michelle tackled each story with the gusto of a Chicago-style hot dog vendor.

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Beyond the news desk, Michelle is a community superhero, hosting charity events and spreading goodwill. When she’s not uncovering the latest scoop, she revels in family time with her husband and two sons, proving that even news anchors can have a heartwarming story of their own.

Michelle Relerford Age

Michelle was born on 6th March 1975  in Chicago. She is 48 years old as of 2024.

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Michelle Releford Height and Weight

Releford stands at an approximate height of 5 feet 6 inches (1.68 m). Information regarding her other body measurements is currently under research.

Michelle Releford Education

Michelle Relerford is Chicago-raised and was born on the South Side. She graduated from Whitney Young High School before proceeding to the University of Connecticut to study Journalism and English. She also schooled at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Campaign. While in college, she worked as an intern at NBC Chicago’s Investigative Unit.  She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and English degree.

Michelle Relerford WNDU

Her very first reporting job was at WNDU in South Bend, Cleveland, where she worked for two years and left in 2004. Later on that year, she took up a job at WEWS in Cleveland, Ohio. Michelle worked as a reporter at both stations. Additionally, she anchored weekend evening newscasts and was a reporter for WHDH-TV, the NBC affiliate in Boston. She left “7 News, WHDH-TV in 2011, and joined NBC Chicago as a weekend evening news anchor.

Relerford got nominated for a local Emmy, category- spot news reporting while in Boston. Besides, she has so far been nominated for two local Emmys for reporting. During her tenure at NBC 5, Michelle traveled to Cleveland to report the discovery of the three missing girls who had been found captive in a home after more than a decade.

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Michelle Relerford NBC 5

Her other key assignments included her assignment in Montgomery, Alabama, where she covered the release of US Congressman, Jesse Jackson Jr. from federal prison. She was awarded a promotion in 2016, which saw her rise to the role of weekend evening anchor. She also writes news stories.

Her greatest motivation is being part of the Chicago community throughout her career and lifetime and being able to tell Chicagoans stories profoundly. She also loves being close to her family and friends.

When she is not working, Michelle likes giving back to the community. She hosts charity events and volunteers. Further, she enjoys quality family time with her husband and two sons. She loves watching basketball and closely keeps tabs on the NBA league and other minor leagues.

Michelle Relerford Husband

Michelle Relerford tied the knot with her long-term boyfriend on 9th July 2019. This was after she got engaged on 7th March 2018. Close family and friends were in attendance. Even though there are pictures of the two, on their wedding day, on the internet, Michelle’s husband’s identity remains a mystery. However, it is public knowledge that he is of African-American descent and sports a goatee.

Two months after announcing her engagement, Michelle Relerford shared that she and her then-fiancé were having their first pregnancy. She gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, Jakhi Emmanuel on 25th September 2018. 12 years before welcoming her second baby, Michelle was already a first-time mom, mother to Jalen. Jalen and Jakhi are not biological siblings. Also, the identity of Jalen’s biological father is unknown.

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Despite not being Jalen’s biological father, Michelle’s mystery partner has and continues to treat Jalen as his own son.

NBC News Chicago

NBC News Chicago is the go-to source for all your local news needs. Whether you’re looking for breaking news, in-depth investigative reports, or feature stories about life in Chicago, NBC News Chicago has it all. With a team of professional journalists and reporters covering every corner of the city, you can trust that NBC News Chicago will keep you up-to-date on everything happening around town.

From politics to sports to entertainment and more, NBC News Chicago covers all the topics that matter most to people living in and visiting the Windy City. With a focus on accuracy and impartiality, NBC News Chicago delivers the news without any bias or spin. You can count on this trusted source for fair reporting that gives you a complete picture of every story.

Whether you prefer to get your news online or through traditional broadcasts, NBC News Chicago has got you covered.

Michelle Relerford Salary

Michelle Relerford is in the salary game, raking in an annual windfall that dances between $53,668 and a jaw-dropping $150,443. Now, we don’t have the exact digits, but we can imagine her accountant doing the cha-cha with those numbers.

As for her net worth, we’re talking a ballpark figure here, folks – somewhere in the dazzling range of $1 million to $5 million. A net worth fit for a journalism monarch like Relerford. The scoop on her earnings? Let’s just say, the lady’s got the Midas touch in the news business. Who says delivering headlines doesn’t pay off?