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Naomi Gleit Biography

Technology and social media guru Naomi Gleit is American. She currently serves as Facebook’s vice president of identity, growth, and social good.

Following Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Naomi has been named the company’s longest-serving employee. Since July 18, 2005, she has worked with the organization.

Naomi Gleit Age

She was born in the American city of New York. Every year on the 18th of July, Naomi has her birthday.

Naomi Gleit Education

When she was a child, her father sent her to Hebrew school. Naomi later enrolled at Stanford University and declared a major in Science, Technology, and Society.

At Stanford University, Naomi completed her final thesis on Facebook and how it defeated the competing social networking site Club Nexus. Orkut was later developed by the person who created Club Nexus.

Naomi Gleit Family

She was born in the United States of America to a Jewish father and an Asian-American mother. Naomi was brought up in New York.

She called her mother a “tiger mom” who drove her to Chinese, karate, piano, and ballet courses. Dad of Naomi worked as an immigration attorney.

Her experiences as a woman who is half-Asian and half-Jewish have been extensively discussed.
I have permission to declare what is real for me: I am not half, I am whole, Naomi has said. Instead of being only half of my mother and father, I am entirely both because I identify with them. READ ALSO; Chris Burkard 

Naomi Gleit Marriage

On September 1, 2022, Rita Omakha had a question-and-answer session with Naomi, who disclosed that she is single. She claimed that she had a mental picture of how her life would be at this point—married and with kids.

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I have no children and I’m not married. And several of my friends are now expecting their third child after getting married to their college sweethearts, which is amazing. My life has changed, yet it’s not worse. Naomi says.

Naomi Gleit Height

She is a taller-than-average woman. Naomi is 5 feet 6 inches tall ( Approx 1.68 m).

Naomi Gleit Facebook

She focused on Facebook for her senior thesis, was enthusiastic about the company’s potential, and applied for a job there. On July 18, 2005, Naomi’s birthday, she began working as a marketing associate and assisted with administrative tasks.

Naomi joined the company not long after it reached a million members. In this capacity, she expanded the reach of Facebook beyond colleges and high schools, paving the way for its ultimate expansion to all users.

Naomi agreed when Zuckerberg offered her to work as a product manager for the growth team in 2007. Chamath Palihapitiya served as the team’s leader. In a 2009 interview with Newsweek, Naomi explained her position as follows: “My work isn’t done until practically everyone in the world is on the site.” Naomi was a member of the group that created and disseminated Facebook Safety Check in 2014.

After the 2011 Thoku earthquake and tsunami, individuals used social media to stay in touch with friends and family. This served as the inspiration for this Safety Check.

As Naomi subsequently explained to Fast Company, “[Zuckerberg] wants us to take this data-driven, product-driven approach and apply that to other challenges since it’s not unique, per se, to growth.” Naomi placed this endeavor in a larger framework. She still oversees Facebook Safety Check at this time.

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Naomi Gleit Net Worth

An estimated $80 million in wealth has accumulated by her.

Naomi Gleit Salary

Naomi makes an annual salary of $273,597 as the vice president of social good, engagement, growth, and identity at Facebook.

Naomi Gleit Twitter