Natalie Bomke FOX 32 Bio, Age, Net Worth, Husband & Baby

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Natalie Bomke Biography and Wiki

Natalie Bomke, the illustrious anchor and reporter at FOX 32, is not just a news maven but a certified Fighting Illini “super” fan. Her journey to Chicago had her shedding tears of joy in the back of a taxi, making the driver question if he was part of a secret comedy sketch.

Starting her broadcasting escapades in Central Illinois, she graced the morning screens at WICD-TV in Champaign and WICS-TV in her hometown of Springfield. From there, she took her talents to California and Texas, co-anchoring morning shows in Sacramento and Houston, leaving behind a trail of caffeine-fueled shenanigans.

In the Windy City, Bomke became a vocal advocate for the Special Olympics, inspired by her cousin Theresa, a former Special Olympian. When she’s not busy unraveling news stories, she’s unwinding with Mr. Bill, her adopted cat from Sacramento SPCA, and her Goldendoodle co-conspirator, Charlie, who she inherited when she tied the knot with Ed in 2015. The Bomke family, including daughter Olive Mae, undoubtedly has a sitcom-worthy life.

Not just a news pro, Bomke wears her heart on her sleeves, earning the prestigious Chicago Headline Club Peter Lisagor Award for tackling the lack of dental care for military veterans. Her dedication to veterans’ needs and extraordinary abilities have us wondering if she moonlights as their unofficial spokesperson. Keep dazzling, Bomke!

Natalie Bomke Age

Natalie Bomke is 42 years old as of 2024. She was born in 1982 in Springfield, Illinois, United States. Her date of birth is still under review.

Natalie Bomke Height

Bomke stands at an average height of 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 m). Information about her weight and other body measurements is not available.

Natalie Bomke Education

Natalie went to high school in Illinois, in Springfield. She did not leave the state after high school, opting instead to pursue a Bachelor of Science in broadcast journalism with a focus on political science at the University of Illinois Urba-Champaign. She graduated in 2004, with a grade point average.

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Natalie Bomke Family | Parents | Siblings

Bomke entered the world as the offspring of Sally Jo, a full-time teacher, and Larry, who was not just any dad but the county board chairman at the moment of Natalie’s grand entrance. The family was practically a local government in themselves.

Dad Larry continued his legacy, transitioning into a state senator’s role from 1995 until he gracefully retired in 2013. Meanwhile, Sally Jo is keeping the educational flame alive as a substitute teacher at Franklin Middle School, proving that the Bomke family is not just about the news but is quite literally a class act.

The Bomke household in Springfield is more like a bustling sitcom set. There’s the spirited sibling, Wulf, serving as a Springfield Park District police officer. With Larry’s political prowess, Sally Jo’s commitment to education, and Wulf’s keeping the peace, it’s safe to say that Bomke’s family gatherings are a harmonious blend of civic duty and law enforcement banter. If only reality TV could capture the comedic essence of the Bomke family dynamics

Natalie Bomke Husband | Married | Wedding

Natalie and Ed’s love story is like a reality TV plot twist that even the most seasoned scriptwriters might envy. Ed Swiderski, renowned for capturing Season 5 of The Bachelorette Jillian Harris’s heart, had his own share of drama with a past engagement going awry due to some unscripted cheating revelations.

But hold on to your remote, because here comes Natalie Bomke, entering the scene in late April 2015 when she was a fabulous 33. The news of their engagement went public, signaling the start of a reality-show-worthy journey to wedded bliss.

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On July 25, 2015, the TV anchor walked down the aisle, embracing Ed Swiderski, the former Bachelorette winner, as her husband. In a plot twist that would make for excellent TV drama, Natalie vowed to stand by Ed through thick and thin as they exchanged wedding vows. Move over, reality TV – the Bomke-Swiderski romance is the real showstopper.

Natalie Bomke Baby

Bomke and her partner-in-crime Ed Swiderski embarked on a new adventure as parents, welcoming their bundle of joy on May 20, 2020. The dynamic duo spilled the beans about the pregnancy on Facebook, jazzing it up with a gender reveal and the due date.
In a post that screamed excitement, Natalie exclaimed, “It’s a girl!!! Ed and I couldn’t be more thrilled to spill the beans about our good news. Baby Bomke is due to make her grand entrance in May 2020!” And, of course, they sprinkled in an ultrasound photo for that extra touch of baby cuteness

Natalie Bomke Salary

Bomke, the dazzling news maestro at WFLD-TV FOX 32, rakes in a cool average salary of $98,471 per year, courtesy of the salary shenanigans orchestrated by the fine folks at WFLD-TV FOX 32. Clearly, she’s not just delivering the news; she’s also cashing in on those headline-worthy paychecks!

Natalie Bomke Net Worth

She’s not just delivering the news; she’s delivering dollars! This media maven, with a nose for news and a knack for netting success, has amassed a whopping estimated net worth of around $10 million. It turns out, reporting pays off – in more ways than one

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Natalie Bomke WFLD-TV FOX 32

Natalie Bomke isn’t just an anchor; she’s a multi-talented news ninja with more roles than a Hollywood blockbuster! Joining FOX 32 in 2013, she brought with her a resume longer than a CVS receipt.

Before gracing the FOX 32 screens, she dazzled at KRIV-TV FOX 32, wearing so many hats she could open her hat shop – Morning News Anchor, Primetime Anchor Fill-In, “Wake Up Money” Consumer Report Host, “Mind, Body, and Soul” Women’s Feature Co-Host, Certified Fitness Instructor, and Healthy Lifestyle Reporter. Phew! I bet she needs a closet just for her collection of metaphorical hats.

Starting her broadcast adventure in Central Illinois, she conquered mornings at WICD-TV and WICS-TV, proving that you can take the anchor out of Central Illinois, but you can’t take the Central Illinois out of the anchor.

But wait, there’s more! She co-anchored FOX40 Live Morning News in sunny Sacramento, California, and brought her sunshine to FOX26 Morning News in Houston, Texas. Who says the weather is the only thing that travels?

She’s not just reading the news; she’s writing her story, and the script includes everything but the kitchen sink. Move over, Hollywood – the newsroom is the new blockbuster set!!

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