Neki Mohan Shares Heartbreaking Reason for WPLG Departure

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Neki Mohan Biography

Neki Mohan is the VP of MultiCultural Business & Community Engagement for Visit Lauderdale and has been working to create an inclusive tourism atmosphere in the city since joining the organization in 2021. She is committed to building bridges between businesses, organizations, and local community groups, providing a voice for underrepresented communities, and offering unique experiences that are tailored to different cultures. Previously, Neki worked as an anchor at WPLG-TV.

Neki Mohan, the former WPLG-TV anchor, revealed why she decided to leave the news station. According to her, one of the primary reasons was that she wanted to further grow in her career. Mohan indicated that although she enjoyed anchoring at WPLG-TV, she felt it was time for a change and a new challenge. She noted that after spending 10 years working with her co-anchor Todd Tongen, his untimely death by suicide had a significant impact on her decision as well.

Mohan’s long-standing experience and expertise in multicultural business development have played a key role in making Visit Lauderdale a leader in diversity initiatives. Her efforts have resulted in more inclusive marketing campaigns, as well as new partnerships with community-based organizations throughout South Florida. With her vision at the helm, tourists can now explore all that Fort Lauderdale has to offer while having greater access to cultural attractions like museums, art galleries, music venues, and festivals – ensuring everyone feels welcome when they visit.

In addition, Mohan is an ambitious entrepreneur who has achieved success as the founder of a consulting and coaching company called The Starting Point with Neki Mohan. This venture provides business consultation services to small business owners and individuals looking to develop their skill sets. She also has an accompanying podcast where she shares her advice and insights on topics such as career planning, goal setting, time management, and more.

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Neki Mohan Age

Mohan was born in the United States of America, she has not yet revealed the details of her year and date of birth. In such a situation, it’s hard to tell his age. However, she looks 50 in 2024.

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Mohan’s Parents and siblings

Neki grew up in the Caribbean and was born in New York. She interacts with the raw energy of South Florida’s many diverse communities.

“I live in a place where I can meet someone who has just arrived in the U.S. today or someone who in one generation has greatly improved their family status,” Neki says. “This is one of my most exciting pieces of work.”

However, the information about his parents is lacking and it is also not clear if she has any siblings.

Neki Mohan Education

Mohan graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in journalism and politics. She credits the education she got on the streets with her ability to talk to just about anyone.

Neki Mohan accident

The crash happened shortly before 9 a.m. near the intersection of Southeast Third Avenue and Southeast Sixth Street.

The two WPLG employees and the female driver of the Jeep were transported to Broward General Medical Center, according to Matt Little, a spokesman for Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue.

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WPLG identified its two employees as on-air reporter Neki Mohan and photojournalist David Silver and indicated their injuries were not serious.

“They’re fine,” said Sandy Antonio, Ch-10’s assignment desk manager. “I think Neki has some cuts or scrapes on her arms. We’ll know more later.”

According to Little, the white television truck was heading to a downtown location where firefighters were taking part in a training program that involved a controlled burn at a vacant building.

Right before the crash, Israel Canales, a manager with the Broward County School District, said he was on the 10th floor of the District’s Southeast Sixth Street headquarters preparing for a conference call when he heard brakes and a loud bang.

The Jeep, its front grill dented and the hood folded, was headed east, toward the School District’s parking garage, Canales said.

The accident scene is just east of Southeast Third Avenue. Eastbound traffic was blocked on Southeast Sixth Street as responders cleared the scene of broken glass and fluids.

Neki Mohan Quits WPLG| Chanel 10

Neki Mohan just quit after 16 years! She had some strong words. She is starting a new chapter by closing an old one. The veteran anchor-reporter abruptly stepped down on Sunday after 16 years at WPLG-Local 10. The station scrubbed her from its website. She is now “Page Not Found.”

Mohan provided a few details during her on-air resignation, but later on, during an Instagram video, she explained. A frank one. Usually, TV personalities are tight-lipped on their departures and futures. Not this time.

The New York-born, Trinidad-raised journalist sits at her kitchen table and talks to the camera.

“Who leaves their job in the middle of a pandemic?

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“Well, someone who realizes it’s time to go in another direction. A direction where they would find growth. The journalist explains that after working weekends for 16 years, she was never considered for a promotion.

Mohan also referenced her late co-anchor of 10 years, Todd Tongen, though not by name. The beloved WPLG reporter took his life last summer. Tongen and Mohan were close on and off set and she said his death inspired her to re-evaluate the bigger picture.

Neki Mohan’s Husband and Children

Mohan is married. However, Neki has not revealed who her husband is but she has stated that she is most proud of her family. Neki and her husband have a daughter.

“We have a feisty young daughter who challenges us every day to think deeper, be better, and take plenty of vitamins to keep up with her,” she says.

Neki Mohan WPLG-TV

Mohan arrived at WPLG-TV in July 2004. Before settling in South Florida for the past 10 years with WPLG-TV, Neki served on award-winning teams in Cleveland, Los Angeles, Washington, and Jackson, Mississippi.

After joining WPLG she covered four hurricanes in a row and got international attention as the only television journalist to report live from Jamaica during Hurricane Ivan.

Neki Mohan’s Net Worth

Mohan has an estimated net worth of between $ 1 million and $ 5 million. However, she is a reporter and surely earns a good amount of money.

Neki Mohan Salary

Mohan receives an annual salary ranging from $ 43,668 to $ 150,443. However, details about the exact amount of salary she earns are currently not available.