Polo Sandoval CNN, Age, Wife, Height, Salary and Net Worth

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Polo Sandoval Photo
Polo Sandoval Photo

Polo Sandoval

Polo Sandoval is a Mexican-American journalist who currently works as a news correspondent at CNN and its sister networks CNN International, HLN, and CNN Español.

Mr. Polo was born May 10, 1971, in Texas, so his star sign is Taurus. He is an American citizen and rose to prominence after he began working with CNN.

After graduating from Texas State University, Carlos Sandoval received a degree in mass communications and an MA in electronic media. He also studied at Pan American University for three years starting in 2003.

Sandoval began his journalism career as an intern reporter at KTBC-TV Fox 7 in Austin from August 2006 to May 2007.

Before joining CNN, Sandoval worked for local station KRGV-TV in South Texas. Although he often worked as an anchor, Sandoval’s passion for storytelling developed as a bureau chief on the Texas-Mexico border. His tasks included movement, country security, drug cartels, and the subsequent viciousness on the two sides of the line. He was assigned to cover political rallies across the country and often traveled to the country where he grew up, Mexico.

United Press Radio of Texas and the Lone Star Emmy Awards Chapter have honored Sandoval’s work. He is an individual from the National Association of Hispanic Journalists and appreciates coaching youthful exceptional columnists. In 2018, Sandoval was awarded the Young Alumni Rising Star at Texas State University.

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Sandoval’s Education

He graduated from Texas State University in San Marcos in 2007 with a degree in mass communications and a major in electronic media. He also studied at Pan American University in Texas from 2003 to 2005.

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How Old is Polo Sandoval?

Polo has been around since 1971 and is 50 years old in 2021. Sandoval celebrates his birthday on 10 May and he was born under the astrological sign of Taurus.

Polo Sandoval Height and Weight

Sandoval is currently 51 years old, has short black hair, brown eyes, his height is 5’8″ tall, and weighs approximately 72 kg.

Sandoval’s Nationality

Sandoval has American citizenship.


Sandoval was born in the South Texas town of McAllen but grew up with his parents in Mexico for most of this childhood. They only lived there until they moved to northern Mexico in the mid-1980s

He spent his childhood in the border town of Nuevo Laredo, crossing the border every day with his mother to attend a Catholic school in Texas. His father is from Lebanon, while his mother was born and raised in the United States. However, he did not state whether he had any siblings.

Nuevo Laredo is a city in Tamaulipas with an estimated population of 373,725. It’s located across the Rio Grande from the U.S. City of the same name.

Laredo was founded in 1755 by a Spaniard by the name of Don Tomás Sánchez. The territory of what is now called New Mexico was granted to Jose de Escandón by the king of Spain. The population remained unified until 1846 – 48, during the Mexican – American War

The city of Nuevo Laredo is known for its lucrative drug corridor and the large number of trucks that pass through the area. It was a turf war in which drug cartels competed for control of this trade until recent treaty negotiations between various organizations in Mexico made it more profitable to transport products along organized lines.

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Nuevo Laredo is one of the most important international gateways in Mexico. Originally, it was the home of Los Zetas, an armed wing for the Gulf Cartel who separated from their old organization in early 2010. Nowadays, they are fighting each other for control over the smuggling routes to America, which continue to grow with time.

Sandoval Wife

Sandoval’s wife is Daniela.

Polo Sandoval CNN

Sandoval is CNN’s US correspondent in New York. He has worked for CNN and its sister networks CNNI, HLN, and CNN Español since February 2014, covering a wide range of breaking news across the country. During her time at CNN’s Washington, DC news source, Sandoval’s responsibilities included daily coverage of national and international headlines for CNN’s 800 English- and Spanish-language stations.

Polo also worked regularly with CNN America to cover major events such as the deadly tornadoes that devastated the Deep South, the tribute to the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing (2013), the Baltimore riots (2015), the prison break in Dannemora, New York (2015) and the recent escape of drug lord Joaquín Guzmán (2016). He also covered the hurricanes in the British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Houston (2017), returned to the Rio Grande Valley (his hometown) to report on the controversial separation of migrant children (2018), and returned to South Texas to provide invaluable information and reporting on the border wall during the longest shutdown ever in Washington, D.C. . (2019).

Polo Sandoval’s salary

He earns an approximated salary of over $72,507 a year. His exact paycheck is unknown

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 Sandoval’s Net Worth

“Polo’s net worth is estimated to be around $10 million in 2021.”. This includes his assets, money, and income. Polo has had a great career as a TV personality and he’s amassing a handsome fortune because of that. His modest lifestyle is something he prefers to maintain – it would be hard to maintain such an extravagant lifestyle without all the money he has!

Social Media

As of  2021, Sandoval had more than 8,700 followers on his Twitter account, where he comments on political news. He also has more than 3,500 followers on his Instagram account, where he posts photos of himself at work and with friends and family.