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Richard Roberts Biography

Richard Roberts is the chairman and CEO of the Oral Roberts Evangelistic Association and an American television evangelist and faith healer. He previously served as president of Oral Roberts University for fifteen years.

Richard Roberts Age

He is 74 years old as of 2022. He was born Richard Lee Roberts on 12 November 1948 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States. He celebrates his birthday on 12 November.

Richard Roberts Family

Granville Oral Roberts, an evangelist, and Evelyn Lutman Roberts, a teacher, are Richard’s parents. Richard was the third of four children. His older sister, Rebecca Ann, and her husband, Marshall Nash, were killed in a plane crash in 1977; and Ronald David, his older brother, who took his own life in 1982, five months after entering a drug rehabilitation facility and six months after coming out as gay. Roberta Jean Potts, Robert’s younger sister, is an attorney in Tulsa.

Roberts saw his father preach and pray for the sick at healing meetings while he was a young boy and traveled the world and the United States. His mother and father were absent for as long as six weeks at times.

Richard Roberts Wife | Children

On November 27, 1968, Roberts married Patricia “Patti” Holcombe, despite the wishes of his friends and family. Roberts wrote in his book “He’s the God of a Second Chance” that the marriage was “a terrible mistake that I didn’t know how to get out of,” but he did not support divorce. Christi, who was born in 1971, and Juli, who was born in 1972, are the couple’s two children. 1978 saw Patti file for divorce. She wrote Ashes to Gold, a book about her thoughts on Roberts’ ministry and university, in 1983.

Roberts thought it was important to talk about his desire to remarry and get their approval before the university’s and ministry’s executive staff because of his well-publicized divorce. They granted him permission. Roberts married Lindsay Salem on January 11, 1980, at Rollins College’s campus chapel, a few weeks later.

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Richard and Lindsay had four children together. Their first child, Richard Oral, was born on January 17, 1984, after several failed pregnancies. He died 36 hours after birth due to complications that developed within hours. Jordan’s birth year was 1985. In 1987, Olivia was born. In 1989, Chloe was born. Three grandchildren are Roberts’s.

Richard Roberts Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of $12 Million.

Richard Roberts Photo
Richard Roberts Photo

Richard Roberts The Healing Ministry

After quitting his position as President of ORU, Roberts devoted himself to the healing ministry, which he describes as his “first love.” Roberts moved the ministry away from ORU. On January 24, 2012, Roberts’ father’s birthday, he was stopped on U.S. Route 169 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, going 93 mph in a 65-mph zone in his Mercedes S430. After failing two field sobriety tests, he was taken into custody on suspicion of driving while intoxicated and exceeding the speed limit. He gave his consent for a breathalyzer test, which revealed a blood alcohol content of.11, which was higher than the legal limit of.08.

Roberts was taken into custody on January 30, 2012, and he was charged with two misdemeanor offenses, one of which was driving under the influence. In May 2012, Roberts admitted to speeding and driving while intoxicated. He was sentenced to 18 months of probation and paid $1,532 in fines. He was also required to take DUI classes, undergo a drug and alcohol assessment, and complete 56 hours of community service. Roberts’ evening show is still going on. In addition, Roberts carries out medical missions in Kenya, Ghana, Honduras, and Guatemala. He has also funded the construction of a Christian school in Niger through a partnership with Pete Sumrall of Feed the Hungry. In 2010, Roberts established the free online school that is now known as the School of Miracles.

Richard Roberts Ministry

Roberts joined his father’s ministry when he was 19 and got involved right away in radio, television, and going on domestic and international crusades with his father. His first trip was to Haiti in December of that same year, where he sang with the Oral Roberts Collegians music team. Reorganizing and developing the Collegians music group into the World Action Singers was his first task. Roberts and this group would appear in prime-time television specials that were recorded all over the world and the new Sunday morning program that was recorded in Los Angeles.

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Roberts recorded more than 15 albums and sang on television shows for the next ten years. Roberts performed in concerts and gave speeches at ministry-sponsored events when he wasn’t working on television, and the ministry was still raising money to finish the University’s construction. From 1973 to 1975, Roberts traveled with Kathryn Kuhlman and sang at numerous healing meetings.

After his wife (Patti) files for divorce, Roberts’ world crumbles.[16] In his book Expect a Miracle, Oral Roberts recounts how his son came to his office distraught, told him what had happened, and asked what would happen to him and his ministry work. Oral said that a lot of people, including ministers and close friends, told him to remove Richard from the ministry, send him overseas for a while, or even divorce him. Oral believed, after prayer, that God was not done with Richard and that he would continue to serve in the ministry.

Roberts got a new wife and continued to sing on television, perform at concerts, and travel. The concerts evolved into events that combined music, preaching, and ministry, at which Roberts prayed for people and witnesses testified to healing. Roberts organized his first of many international crusades in 1982, beginning with South Africa. Roberts has ministered in over 40 countries on six continents, according to the ministry website Brazil, Australia, India, Russia, Niger, and Indonesia

Roberts continued to minister on television programs and hold domestic meetings. In 1984, Roberts launches Richard Roberts Live, a live, one-hour program that combines ministry, music, and special guests like Donna Douglas, best known for her role as Elly May Clampett in The Beverly Hillbillies, and Richard Kiel, best known for his role as Jaws in the James Bond films.

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Richard Roberts was elected president of the Oral Roberts Evangelistic Association (OREA) by the organization’s Board of Directors after Oral Roberts resigned in 1985. Roberts co-founded the International Charismatic Bible Ministries with his father in 1986 to support independent churches and ministries and expand opportunities for ORU student recruitment.

Roberts was elected executive vice president of Oral Roberts University in 1987. He presided over chapel services and was involved in all aspects of administration. Roberts continued to watch television every day, participate in domestic and international crusades alongside his father, and gave speeches at national conferences and churches. Oral Roberts informs the Board in 1992 that he will be stepping down as President of ORU.

Richard Roberts Resignation

The university’s board of regents granted Roberts an indefinite leave of absence on October 17, 2007, citing the “toll” the lawsuit and its allegations had taken on him and his family. Victory Christian Center’s Billy Joe Daugherty was appointed interim president and executive regent of the board of regents. George Pearsons, chairman of the board of regents, said that the brief resignation was not an admission of guilt.

A non-binding vote of no confidence in Roberts was approved by the tenured faculty of Oral Roberts University on November 13. A professor present said that the vote was almost unanimous. On November 23, 2007, Roberts submitted his resignation to the board of regents of the university, which took effect immediately. Richard Roberts was named president emeritus by the ORU Board of Regents in a unanimous vote on January 14, 2008, in recognition of his 15 years as president.