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Rob Marciano is a weatherman who is currently employed by ABC News and forecasts for the weekend editions of Good Morning America, Marciano first gained prominence as a meteorologist and occasional reporter for CNN Worldwide in their Atlanta headquarters.

Prior to working at ABC, Marciano worked for Entertainment Tonight. HE was the anchor of ET’s nightly thirty-minute current events broadcast as well as their sixty-minute weekend program. He left ET in late August 2014 after 2 years with the network

Rob Marciano Age

Marciano is 53 years old in 2022.

Like most people with an Italian last name, Marciano is famous. He was born on June 25th, 1968 in Glenville, Connecticut, and received a degree in meteorology from Cornell University. He has an American Meteorological Society seal of approval and is part of the broadcast meteorologist movement.

Rob Marciano Wife| Eryn

Marciano is very athletic. He loves playing full-contact sports and loves being outdoors.

Although Rob is a successful weatherman, he’s married to Eryn Marciano who is a realtor for over 10 years. They had their wedding on November 27th, 2010, which was attended by close friends and family members.

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Rob Marciano Height

He stands at a height of 5 feet 10 inches (1.78 m).


Rob is the father of 2 kids. He has a daughter, Madelynn, and a son, Mason.

Rob Marciano Salary

Mark has an annual salary of between $150,000 – $200,000.


Rob Marciano has been on Instagram for a while, with close to 25k followers. He posts regularly and is a popular profile. He provides you with photos and videos of his day-to-day life at the office, Rob Marciano (@robertmarciano).


Marciano was born in Greenwich, Connecticut to his parents who loved him unconditionally. He is also a man of German, Italian & American nationality and ancestry.

He has not told the public about his parents. Anyhow, we should update once more data is made available.

Rob Marciano no Wedding Ring

Marciano is married and has a family. In addition, Rob has been married for 11 years. However, he is rarely seen with a wedding ring on his finger.

Rob Marciano ABC News

ABC News Meteorologist Rob Marciano is a leading up-to-date futurist in the field of weather forecasting. Over the past few years, he has gained recognition and popularity in various fields of especially on television.

Rob is the ABC News’ senior meteorologist of ABC’s World News Tonight and weekend editions of Good Morning America since 2014.

Before joining as a correspondent for ABC News, Rob was a co-host of the popular talk show Entertainment Tonight. He interviewed hundreds of A-list celebrities and hosted several episodes with big stars like Jennifer Lopez and Katy Perry.

He also worked at CNN since 2003 and was a field correspondent, so he knows the ropes.

Who are the anchors of ABC News?

ABC News anchors are the faces of ABC News and have been for many years. Also, the ABC News anchors are known for their reporting and interviews, which have become a staple of American news.

The anchors at ABC News include:

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Rob Marciano Beard

Rob( SALTY SEA CAPTAIN) let his beards grow during the Covid pandemic and said he was waiting until he got fully vaccinated to trim them. However, after receiving his covid shot, and many complaints from his fans about his beards, he decided to shave them.

He mentioned that his wife didn’t care about his beard, but made an exception for their daughter when she expressed some feelings on the matter.

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Rob Marciano Health

Marciano is healthy, however, we will let you know if we come across any new information about him.