Rob Marciano, Bio, Age, Height, Family, Wife, ABC and Net Worth.

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Robert Marciano is an American journalist and weatherman who works for ABC News. He has been with the network since 2014, covering a wide variety of stories, from hurricanes to blizzards.
Marciano was born in Glenville, Connecticut, and has always had a passion for storm chasing and forecasting. He attended Cornell University, where he received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Meteorology.

Over the years, Marciano honed his skills as an on-air meteorologist at various television stations throughout the United States. His coverage of destructive storms such as Hurricane Katrina earned him critical acclaim from his peers in the journalism community. Marciano was hired by ABC to replace the legendary Ginger Zee after she was chosen to take over Sam Champion’s role as GMA’s primary weather forecaster.

Robert Mark Marciano is an exemplary journalist and meteorologist who is working hard to bring accurate weather information to the public. His work has been praised by news organizations around the world and his expertise in the field is highly respected. Through his dedication and passion, he has been able to make a positive impact on the media landscape. He sets a great example of what it means to be a successful journalist and meteorologist. We can all benefit from following his lead and striving for excellence in our respective fields.

Rob Marciano Age

Marciano was born in Glenville, Connecticut, on June 25, 1968. He is going to turn 55 years old in 2024. Also, Rob is of Italian and German ancestry.

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Rob Marciano Height

Marciano is an American journalist and meteorologist who has been a part of the ABC News family since 2014. Standing at 6 feet 2 inches tall, Rob Marciano is known for his impressive height as well as his passion for reporting the news.

As a prominent figure in the broadcasting industry, it’s no surprise that his noteworthy height adds to his persona on camera. His towering stature makes him quite noticeable when he appears on television screens across America!

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Rob Marciano Family

Rob Mariano was born in Glenville, Connecticut. Interestingly, he is of mixed race (Italian and German) and spent much of his infancy there. Rob wanted to find out more about climate changes and precipitation patterns as a result of his passion. He started by becoming a meteorologist.

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Rob Marciano Wife

Marciano was married to his wife, Eryn from 2010-2022.

Marciano and Eryn were the perfect couple. They were best friends and partners in crime, enjoying the outdoors and their favorite sports teams together. From hiking to football games, they shared many wonderful memories over the years since tying the knot in 2010.

However, it seems that their happily-ever-after has come to an end as it was recently announced that they are divorcing as of July 2022. Despite being married for twelve long years, Marciano and Eryn have decided to part ways to pursue different paths in life.

The news of their separation came as a shock to many who believed that this couple would last forever. Although Marciano is still an avid outdoorsman, his major sports fan lifestyle may be changing due to this divorce—only time will tell what’s next for him and his wife Eryn.

Rob Marciano Children

Marciano, the celebrated meteorologist, is also a proud father of two children. Together with his ex-wife Eryn, he has one daughter; Madelynn, and one son; Mason.

Having been married since 2010 Eryn, the couple decided to end their marriage in 2022 after 12 years of marriage. Despite that, they remain on amicable terms for their children’s sake and are dedicated parents to them.

The meteorologist is often seen spending quality time with his children whenever he can find some free time from work.

Rob Marciano Education

Earlier, Marciano graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor’s degree in Meteorology and the American Meteorological Society Seal of Approval.

Marciano Career

Rob first gained notoriety in their Atlanta headquarters as a meteorologist daily reporter and replacement anchor for CNN Worldwide.

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He was Chief Meteorologist for KATU-TV and 750 KXL News Radio in Portland, OR before joining CNN in May 2003. He worked as the morning and then chief meteorologist for KPLC-TV in Lake Charles, LA from 1994 to 1997, later, he served as the weather anchor for WVIT Connecticut News 30 in West Hartford, Connecticut.

 Marciano was the co-host of Entertainment Tonight before joining ABC News, there, he interviewed hundreds of celebrities including five-hour specials with Jennifer Lopez and Katy Perry.

The popular presenter Marciano was confirmed on November 12th, 2012 for a new co-anchor job at the popular TV show Entertainment Tonight. The choice followed a long period of searching for a new co-anchor to host the program with Nancy O’Dell, Mark Steines was leaving as the main anchor after 8 years. Lastly, on December 21st, Marciano bid farewell to CNN fans on Early Start and Start Point.

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Rob Marciano ABC News

ABC News announced on 19 July 2014 that Marciano would become the senior meteorologist for the network. He has joined Good Morning America Weekend and reports on the latest weather headlines throughout the week, as well as weather coverage partners with Ginger Zee and the Extreme Weather Team across all ABC News broadcasts and platforms. His final Entertainment Tonight co-hosting came on Wednesday 27 August 2014. For your information,  made his GMA debut on Saturday 6 September 2014.

Also, he hosted specials on primetime, including “Rescue: Saving the Gulf,” where he worked side by side with the heroes who saved wildlife, skimmed oil and cleaned up the beach during the worst oil disaster in U.S. History.

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Rob Marciano Rumors and Controversies

He had been associated with various affairs before his marriage and there are rumors of his ex-girlfriends. However,  because he’s the family guy, he’s been trying to stay away from these kinds of controversies.

Furthermore, he commented on the co-hosts John Roberts and Carol Costello on September 10, 2009, which maybe came off a bit differently than he meant. Sadly, It made Roberts stand up and just walk away.

Marciano Salary

From our reliable sources, the salary of an ABC News Meteorologist is $76,700-158k, however, this can be far from the truth.

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Rob Marciano Beard

Captain Rob, our salty sea adventurer, embraced the beard life during the COVID-19 pandemic, boldly declaring that he’d trim those facial waves only once he was fully vaccinated. However, post his COVID shot and amid a storm of fan complaints about his overgrown facial foliage, he decided it was time to bid farewell to the beard.

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While his wife sailed through the sea of whiskers without care, Captain Rob made an exception for his little first mate – their daughter. Seems like even the mightiest captains can’t resist the influence of family feelings on facial fuzz.

Rob Marciano Health

Marciano is as fit as a fiddle, doing jumping jacks with vitality. But hey, if he decides to bench-press a salad or break the world record for consecutive laughter, we’ll be the first to send you a carrier pigeon with all the deets. Healthier than a celery stick at a fitness convention, we’ll keep you posted on any updates in the Marciano Chronicles.

Who are the anchors of ABC News?

ABC News anchors are like the superheroes of journalism – capes not included, but charisma mandatory. These folks have been gracing our screens for eons, reporting and interviewing like it’s a sport. Move over Avengers, we’ve got the ABC Avengers.

Here’s the star-studded lineup:

– George Stephanopoulos (The Smooth Operator)
– David Muir (The Voice of Reason)
– Elizabeth Vargas (The Inquisitive Oracle)
– Sam Champion (The Weather Whisperer)
– Robin Roberts (The Morning Maestro)
– Faith Abubey (The Dynamic Dynamo)
– Mary Bruce (The News Navigator)
– John Donvan (The Investigation Instigator)
– Ike Ejiochi (The Jovial Jester)
– Averi Harper (The Sass Specialist)
– Devin Dwyer (The Wit Wielder)
– Jonathan Karl (The Political Prodigy)
– Rick Klein (The Insightful Sage)
– Terry Moran (The Cool Commentator)
– Kenneth Moton (The Snappy Storyteller)
– MaryAlice Parks (The Detail Dasher)
– Kyra Phillips (The Candid Conversationalist)
– Alex Presha (The Trend Tracker)
– Martha Raddatz (The Global Guru)
– Elizabeth Schulze (The Financial Fireball)
– Rachel Scott (The Roaming Reporter)
– Karen Travers (The Headline Harbinger)
– Pierre Thomas (The Crime Chronicle)
– Cecilia Vega (The White House Whisperer)
– Jen Newman (The News Navigator’s Sidekick)

With this crew, news isn’t just news; it’s a blockbuster in the making!

Rob Marciano’s Net Worth

Rob Marciano is an American television journalist and meteorologist who has been a part of various news outlets. He currently works as the weekend evening meteorologist for ABC News. In addition to his work in broadcast journalism, Marciano is also a well-known public figure with a substantial net worth.

Marciano began his career working in local news stations across the United States before joining CNN. Since then, he has created a successful career for himself, covering stories of national importance such as Hurricane Katrina and the BP oil spill. In 2014, he joined ABC News and now serves as their weekend evening meteorologist. As of 2023, Rob Marciano’s estimated net worth is 3 million dollars – an impressive sum considering his relatively short time spent in broadcast journalism thus far.

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