Rob Wolchek WJBK-TV Fox 2, Bio, Age, Family, Wife, Salary and Net Worth

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Rob Wolchek Biography and Wiki

Rob Wolchek is a modern-day superhero, fighting against the scammers, con artists, and crooks of Detroit on FOX2 Detroit. He’s the guy you want on your side when someone tries to rip you off. He’s so good at exposing the bad guys that he even has his own section in the “HHHHHAAAALLLLL of Shame!” That’s right, folks, he’s the Hall-of-Shamer!

As a youngster, Rob dreamed of being a country music DJ. But after being almost fired his first week on the job, he realized that he needed a new career path. So, he decided to become a reporter, and he’s been fighting for justice ever since.

Rob started his career as a traffic reporter, but he quickly realized that he needed to do more to help the people of Detroit. He became an investigative journalist and started busting scammers left and right. He’s won so many Emmys that he’s running out of room on his mantle. And he’s not just a reporter, he’s a superhero. He works with the police, prosecutors, and lawmakers to make sure that justice is served. And when he confronts the bad guys, he does it on live TV, so everyone can see their shameful deeds.

So, if you’re a scam artist in Detroit, watch out. Rob Wolchek is on the case, and he’s not afraid to take you down. He’s the Hall-of-Shamer, the Scambuster, and the superhero we all need

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Rob Wolchek Age and Birthday

Rob Wolchek is a mysterious man, shrouded in secrecy like a ninja in the shadows. Some say he was born with a fedora on his head and a microphone in his hand. Others claim he emerged fully formed from the fiery pits of investigative journalism, ready to take on the scammers and wrongdoers of the world. But his exact age and birth date remain a mystery, as he guards his personal information like a dragon hoards its treasure. We’ll keep you posted if he ever decides to reveal his secrets.

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Rob Wolchek Height-Measurements

Rob was born and raised in Detroit, United States of America. His family lives in Detroit where he was born and raised up. However, Amy has not publicly mentioned his parents or whether he has any siblings. We will update her family as soon as the details are available.

Rob Wolchek Family

Rob was born and raised in the heart of Motor City, Detroit, USA. It’s rumored that his first words were “vroom vroom” and he learned to drive before he could walk. While Rob’s family resides in Detroit, he remains tight-lipped about his lineage, like a true secret agent. It’s unclear whether he has any siblings, but word on the street is that he’s a lone wolf, always prowling for the next big scoop. We’ll keep our ear to the ground and let you know if we sniff out any juicy family gossip.

Rob Wolchek Salary and Net Worth

Rob’s salary is somewhere between ‘just getting by’ and ‘not too shabby’ according to the anchors and reporters’ salary at Fox2 Detroit. We’re not sure if that includes a free coffee in the break room or not, but we’ll keep you posted on the details.

As for his net worth, well, let’s just say he’s not exactly swimming in Scrooge McDuck’s vault of gold coins. But he’s doing alright for himself, with an estimated net worth somewhere between ‘not too bad’ and ‘okay, maybe he can afford a slightly fancier car.’ We’ll let you know the exact figures as soon as we get the scoop.

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Rob Wolchek WJBK-TV FOX2

He started his journalism career in 1978 at KRAZ news station in Farmington, New Mexico. At KRAZ, Wolchek worked as a DJ for a country music station for many years before moving on to become a news reporter for stations in Fresno and Bakersfield.

He came to the limelight covering the Loma Prieta earthquake strike in San Francisco. Rob began his career at KGET-TV in Bakersfield, California where he was a news anchor and reporter. He is a winner of various awards for his role as the Scambuster at KJEO-TV in Fresno including his first Emmy.

Some of the best watched and talked-of series he has covered involved a man who was murdered after appearing in several of Wolchek’s stories. He reported on a TV talent show producer that had promised young models and actors prizes that never came to happen. Fled Michigan was dismissed in 2005 after the story aired and soon surfaced in Cleveland running a similar scam.

He reported on the 2013 Survivor star Michael Skupin for running what appeared to be a Ponzi scheme called Pay it Forward. Skupin was convicted in 2016 of Larceny by conversion and four counts of possession of Child Sexually Abusive Material when investigators found child pornography on his computer while investigating Pay it Forward. He was sentenced to one to four years in state prison.

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