Sara Matter, Bio, Age, Niall Matter, Children, Height, Salary and Net Worth.

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Sara $ Niall Matter picture
Sara & Niall Matter Picture

Sara Matter is a Canadian woman who gained popularity from being married to Niall Matter, an actor, and producer that has been working in films such as Predator, and Love Frozen.

Sara Matter has been in the public eye for quite some time now. She is married to actor Niall Matter and they share children together. Her husband became a celebrity after playing the lead role in a teenage drama. Afterward, he had parts in multiple shows with roles as different characters.

Ms. Matter has generated a lot of public interest as most people want to know about the life and situation of her beloved husband and actor Niall Matter. Interestingly, Sara made business and entrepreneurship her livelihood. However, we do not know what business she does, we have kept track and will update the information soon as we find something new.

Sara Matter is, in the first place, the wife of Niall Matter. But apart from being his spouse, she is also an entrepreneur. We have no idea about her date of birth but what we know for sure is that Sara was born in Canada.

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Despite her age being unknown, it is clear that Sara is in her early to mid-thirties. Her birthday remains a secret and she does not seem interested in revealing any personal information about herself either. However, we know she was born somewhere in Canada, and her name was Sara Bradley.

Height and Weight

Ms. Matter is 1.70 meters tall (5’ 7’) and weighs an estimated 68 kilograms (150 pounds). Her BMI is measured to be 23.5.

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Parents and Siblings and Family

Matter was born and raised in Canada, but little is known about her family and siblings. However, we remain vigilant and will update you as soon as we know more.


Sara has made no comment on her personal life. She either did not go to university, got an undergraduate instead of a post-graduate degree, or she just wants to keep it private. However, she seems to be an intelligent person. She is said to have an impressive education too. We’ll keep you updated on any new developments.

Sara Matter and Niall Matter

Sara is the wife of a well-known actor named Niall Matter. Niall has acted in films such as The Predator, and Frozen for Love. The couple has been married since 2016. They got married in a private ceremony in Honolulu, Hawaii in the presence of close friends and relatives. The couple is blessed with two bundles of joy; one born in 2016 and the other born in 2018.

Niall graduated from high school, then carved a career for himself in the oil industry. However, he also did drama in school and that was what ticked his interest in acting. He took it seriously after this point.

Niall and Sara Matter Wedding

Niall and Sara were pronounced, Husband and wife in a low-key wedding in Hawaii in 2016. They got married in a private ceremony in Honolulu, in the presence of close friends and relatives. The couple is blessed with two bundles of joy; one born in 2016 and the other born in 2018.

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Sara Matter Children

Sara is the mother of two beautiful kids, whose names we don’t know. What we know, is that their first son was born in 2016 and their second son was born two years later in 2018.

Salary and Net Worth

Sara has had great success with her business career and earns a decent income. With approximately $990,000 in total net worth.  However, Sara makes about $90,000 each year. She has the main source of money coming from her business which she’s well known for being an entrepreneur.

Who is Niall Matter’s Wife?

Sara & Niall have been married since 2016. They got married in Hawaii with only family & friends around – it was a very low-key ceremony. Niall went up to the altar first after confirming he would take care of Sara for the rest of her life. And the rest is history.

Who is Sara Matter Married To?

She is married to the famous actor, Niall Matter. They got engaged in 2016 and they have two children together both below the age of 5.

Sara Matter Instagram

Sarah is active on Facebook but has only uploaded a few photos so far. However, she has no active Instagram or Twitter accounts