Steve Jerve Bows Out After Decades of Predicting Rain or Shine

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Steve Jerve Biography

Steve Jerve has been a household name in Tampa Bay for the past 40 years as chief meteorologist of WFLA-TV, Channel 8. Steve decided to retire from his post on August 6th, 2021 after four decades of providing accurate and reliable forecasts to viewers across the region.

Throughout his career, Steve consistently provided detailed and informative information about weather-related events such as hurricanes, tropical storms, and severe thunderstorms. He was well known for his accuracy in forecasting major storms with precision which made him a beloved part of the Tampa Bay community. His long tenure is certainly something to be celebrated by everyone who has followed him over the years.

Jerve worked as a weather anchor, photographer, reporter, and weekend anchor. He is a full member of the American Meteorological Society and has received the qualification of Accredited Broadcast Meteorologist (CBM). His last words to his fans:

“There are so many thoughts that run through your mind and so many people to thank,” Jerve said on air. “Just a big thank you, especially to our viewers because, in the end, those are our clients and I thank you so much for tuning in over the years.”

Steve Jerve Age

He’s in the 61 and is nicknamed Russ. However, the meteorologist’s precise date of birth is not yet available to the public. As such, determining his actual age is difficult, or when he celebrates his birthday. However, we will update you once this information is available.

Steve Jerve Height

At 6 feet 6 inches tall, Steve Jerve is a giant among giants. The retired chief meteorologist for WFLA-TV, Ch. 8 in Tampa was known for being an expert in weather forecasting and one of the most recognizable faces on air in the city. Jerve served as chief meteorologist for over 30 years before his retirement back in 2021 and he was beloved by both viewers and colleagues alike. Not only is he remembered for his expertise as a meteorologist, but also for his impressive stature which made him truly stand out from the crowd.

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Steve Jerve’s Wife, Is Steve Jerve Married?

This may be attributed to the fact that he covers the newsmakers and not his own story. In April 2018 Steve got married to fellow WFLA  Meteorologist Julie Phillips. Additionally, Julie has two English Bulldogs, Annie, and Lolli, at home and she has fallen in love with the breed. She is also a rescue advocate and volunteer at the Florida English Bulldog Rescue.

Steve Jerve Salary

Jerve got an average annual salary of $97,500 U.S. dollars. This is compared to the average annual salary of a WFLA News Channel 8 news anchor/reporter

Steve Jerve Net Worth

Steve Jerve is the retired chief meteorologist for WFLA-TV, Ch. 8, and is widely known throughout the Tampa Bay area. Jerve worked as a broadcast journalist for over 40 years, earning him a place in Tampa Bay broadcasting history. After his retirement in 2021, many wonder what his net worth is today.

Jerve has a net worth of about $1-3m U.S. dollars. The primary source of his income is his career as a Meteorologist and Weather Forecast.

Steve Jerve Education

Jerve is a graduate of Jackson State University, where he received a B.A. in Meteorology. He also attended the State University of Mississippi and Minnesota-Morris University. He also received a bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Meteorology. Jerve has played basketball at the University of Minnesota at Morris during his college years.

Steve Jerve Career

Jerve was a reporter and weekend news anchor in his home state of Minnesota, before becoming part of News Channel 8. This was before we expected weather in Jackson, Miss., Orlando, and St. Louis, Mo. While there he received an Emmy for Weathercasting in the Mid-American Area in 1996.

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He has made a name for himself by broadcasting the weather from the backyards of Orlando residents. Jerve had “Backyard Weather,” a segment. Jerve found some of the best-hidden gems in Florida in the segment, including his favorite picnic spot, Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales.

Steve filled in as a climate wrestler, reporter, picture-taker and weekend stay at his first occupation at KAAL-TV in Austin, Minnesota. As a producer and boss, he also broadened his talents. His best course of action was at WJTV in Jackson, Mississippi, where he encountered the daunting fundamental climatic.

Steve then moved to Orlando’s WFTV and took over as the environment stay lasted 5 pm. He had the choice of facing direct typhoon strength while covering Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Steve has also rescued Gilbert and Hugo from the sea tempests.

Steve Jerve WFLA-TV, News Channel 8

Finally, due to his experience in this field, he moved to WFLA TV, Channel 8 as the chief meteorologist for Storm Squad. Where he broadcasted news daily on Channel 8 on the channel at 5, 5:30, 6, and even at 11 pm. He focused on providing information about the workday weather forecasts. Jerve also works on this Channel to this day. He retired from his position at WFLA TV on the 6th of August 2021.

Steve Jerve Hobbies

Steve could be found in his spare time on a plane, flying to every corner of the globe. His interests include the history of World War II, vehicles, aircraft, films, and science.

Steve Jerve Awards and Achievement

  • He won an Emmy Award for Weathercasting in the region of Mid America in 1996.
  • Steve is a full member of the American Meteorological Society and has earned the designation of Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (CBM).
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