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Uebert Angel Biography

Uebert Angel is a businessman of British-Zimbabwean origin, an evangelical preacher, and the founder of Spirit Embassy. He is also Zimbabwe’s Presidential Envoy and Ambassador at Large to Europe and the Americas. The church was founded in 2007 as “Spirit Embassy,” but it changed its name to “Good News Church” in October 2015.

Uebert Angel is a name that has become synonymous with success, wealth, and power. Born into a family of entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe, Uebert Angel has gone on to achieve major success as an international evangelist, media mogul, and investor. Known for his powerful sermons and influence over thousands of people around the world, Angel is a leading figure in the spiritual space today.

Angel is not only a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist, but also a leader in the spiritual realm. His teachings have been embraced by many, as his message of hope resonates with individuals from all walks of life. He has achieved success through hard work and dedication to his mission, demonstrating that it is possible to make a positive difference in the world. By sharing his wisdom and knowledge, he has inspired countless others to take action towards creating meaningful change in their own lives.

Uebert Angel Age

He is 44 years old as of 2023. He was born Uebert Mudzanire on 6 September 1978 in Zimbabwe. He celebrates his birthday on 6 September.

Uebert Angel Father | Brother

He is the son of Samson Mudzanire. His brother Benjamin Mudzanire is also a Zimbabwean preacher. According to The Monitor newspaper in Botswana, he and his wife were deported from the country for allegedly robbing his own church of offerings and tithes. Lee Angel, the Botswana overseer of the Spirit Embassy Church led by brother Uebert, was also accused by church members of “demanding that the Botswana church raise money to buy his ‘pretty wife’ a Range Rover vehicle.

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Uebert Angel Girlfriend – Wife

He is married to Beverly Angel. Since the founding of his church in 2007, Angel and his wife, Beverly Angel have both been involved in charitable endeavors.

Uebert Angel Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of $100 Million.

Uebert Angel Business

Angel began his business career in 2005 when he established Club Millionaire Limited, which offered concierge services in Britain. He started out in the real estate industry by building residential properties. Later, he moved into commercial establishments, bought and sold properties, and bought and sold land and buildings.

He sold his first property in 2006, and in 2008, he established Sam Barkeley Construction and The Angel Organization, the parent company of his various businesses, of which he is currently CEO. Under the umbrella of the parent company, he also manages Brits Bank and Atom Mobile. Additionally, he is the founder of The Millionaire Academy, whose stated goal is to teach individuals how to start and run their own successful businesses.

In 2014, a Zimbabwean radio station asserted that it had access to an “unedited Forbes Magazine story” outlining the wealth of Uebert Angel. These claims were found to be false in a subsequent ZimEye.net article, which also harshly criticized his business practices. Angel is involved in a number of commercial real estate projects, one of which is converting a former West Midlands nightclub and cinema into an events center that looks like a theater. The construction of Angel’s office headquarters in Lincolnshire, East Midlands, is another UK project.

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Uebert Angel Good News

It changed its name to the “Good News Church” in October 2015. There are currently 70 branches in over 15 different countries in Europe, Africa, and the United States because the church ministry attracted a large number of followers. Angel is also the founder of Miracle TV and Good News TV, where he broadcasts programs on behalf of the Good News Church and gives frequent talks. Additionally, he is the president and founder of the online Bible school Osborn Institute of Theology, which opened in August 2012. Angel has a master’s degree in entrepreneurship from the University of Edinburgh and a postgraduate degree in education from the University of Bolton, both in finance.

Uebert Angel Ambassador

Angel was given the position of Presidential Envoy and Ambassador at Large for Zimbabwe by H.E. President Emmerson Mnangagwa in March 2021. Ambassador Angel was given the responsibility of looking for trade and investment opportunities for Zimbabwe as part of the ambassadorial position. Ambassador Angel reportedly declined an offer of $15,000 per month in salary and benefits. Angel has taken on a number of projects since being appointed, including the construction of what will be Zimbabwe’s largest indoor events center. The Harare Hippodrome will be the name of the building, and The Beethoven Hotel, a hotel with executive rooms, will go along with it.

Uebert Angel Sermons

The prosperity gospel, a pseudo-theological belief that the reward of financial and material gain is the divine will of God for all pious Christians, has been criticized for Angel’s preaching, teaching, and writings. As a result, it would appear that his ministry is persuasively promoting tithing and prosperity theology indirectly. This is comparable to the teachings of other megachurches, televangelists, and prominent prosperity theologians.

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Angel has been called a “fraudster” or a “false prophet” because he has been involved in numerous scams and controversies throughout his ministry and various charities. There have been a number of allegations, some of which have been sexual and some of which have been financial, despite attempts to dismiss them.

Uebert Angel: Man of God or Master of Deceit?

The controversial and enigmatic Uebert Angel has been making headlines for years, but the recent allegations of fraud have cast a new light on the spiritual leader. Is he truly a man of God or is this all an elaborate scam? It appears the answer is not so clear cut.

On one hand, many attest to the healing power of his words and miracles attributed to his teachings. People from all over the world claim that their lives have been impacted positively by Uebert Angel’s ministry. His loyal adherents believe that he is a genuine man of God performing true acts in accordance with divine will.

On the other hand, there are those who point to inconsistencies between Angel’s word and actions as evidence for him being nothing more than an opportunist looking to make money off gullible people desperate for answers and solace.