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Amol Rajan Biography

Amol Rajan is a well-known British journalist and broadcaster of Indian origin who has been the BBC’s Media Editor since December 2016 and a presenter on BBC Radio 4’s Today program since 2021.

Amol Rajan is one of the most influential figures in the world of media. A former editor of The Independent and current BBC Media Editor, he has been a leading voice in journalism for more than a decade. His work spans across print, radio, and television, with his commentary and commentary pieces published extensively across major media firms. His dedication to journalism has made him an important part of British media today

Rajan is a well-known British journalist and broadcaster of Indian origin who has been the BBC’s Media Editor since December 2016 and a presenter on BBC Radio 4’s Today program since 2021.

Amol Rajan Age

How old is Amol? He is 39 years old as of  2022. He was born on 4 July in 1983 in Kolkata, India.

Amol Rajan Education

He was state school educated at Graveney School and read English at Downing College, Cambridge. ALSO READ: Pastor Adam Tyson 

Amol Rajan Nationality

Amol the British journalist is a British national and citizen by birth, he was born in Kolkata, India and is of mixed ethnicity/heritage/ancestry. He has not believed in any god since the age of 15, despite being the son of Hindu parents.

Amol Rajan Family and Parents

Rajan was born in Calcutta, India, to a Pune-born mother and a Tamil father from Kumbakonam. Rajan was given the name V. Amol due to Tamil naming customs, with the V standing for his father’s given name, Varadarajan. When he arrived in England, his name was changed to Amol Varadarajan, and his family’s surname was later changed to Rajan.

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Amol Rajan’s Wife and Children

Who is Amol Rajans Wife? In September 2013, he married academic Charlotte Faircloth in Cambridge. They live in London with their two children.

Amol Rajan’s Net Worth

Rajan has an estimated net worth of $1 Million.

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Amol Rajan BBC | Career

Independent was announced in 2013, at the age of 29, though Rachel Beer has also made that claim. His predecessor as editor of The Independent, Chris Blackhurst, was promoted to Group Content Director. When The Independent’s owner, Evgeny Lebedev, announced in February 2016 that the print edition would be phased out, it was revealed that Rajan would stay on to assist with the transition. Rajan worked as a media advisor to Lebedev, the son of former KGB economic attaché Alexander Lebedev, for about eighteen months before becoming editor of The Independent.

Journalist Peter Oborne accused Rajan of “client” and “crony” journalism during a BBC Radio 2 broadcast in October 2019. Rajan’s role as editor-at-large for The Independent website ended in November 2016, when he was named the BBC’s first Media Editor, and he started his new job on December 12, 2016. He has also hosted The Big Debate on the BBC Asian Network.

Since 2017, Rajan has provided holiday cover for several BBC Radio 2 presenters, including Simon Mayo, Jeremy Vine, and Zoe Ball. Rajan has appeared on The One Show a few times. In May 2017, he took over as host of BBC Radio 4’s The Media Show, succeeding Steve Hewlett.

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Amol Rajan is an impressive individual, who has achieved a great deal in his career. His work for the BBC and The Independent has been exemplary, and he has made significant contributions to media in Britain and beyond. He embodies the potential that exists for a successful life within journalism, both as a writer and an editor. Amol’s commitment to diversity and inclusion makes him all the more admirable, as he strives to create a fairer media industry.