David Owuor: a Disaster-Predicting Machine

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David Owuor Biography

David Owuor, the legendary Kenyan cleric, is a man of many talents. He’s a prophet, academic, and apparently, a disaster-predicting machine! This guy can predict earthquakes and floods like it’s nobody’s business.

But did you know that before he became a prophet, he was actually a biochemist? Yup, he worked at the Cancer Institute of New Jersey, studying drug metabolism and signal transduction. He was so good at his job that he got scholarships to study in Germany and Israel. And guess which one he chose? Israel! Because who wouldn’t want to be in a country where you can predict the end of the world and people take you seriously?

Now, let’s talk about his personal life. David Owuor is a man of the cloth who’s still on the market. But don’t feel sorry for him, ladies. He’s not looking for love because he’s too busy saving the world. Apparently, having a family would tie him down and prevent him from fulfilling his divine duties. Plus, he already has a son with an Israeli woman who didn’t want to move to the United States with him. So, you see, he’s not just a prophet, he’s also a baby daddy!

Get ready to repent and bow down to the man on a holy mission, Prophet David Owuor! This religious superstar is all about saving souls with his catchy theme of Repentance and Holiness.

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David Owuor Education

Don’t let his humble beginnings in Goma, Bondo fool you, because this man has risen to global fame as one of the most acclaimed prophets out there.

David was born in 1966 to Hezekiah and Margaret Ochieng, making him the second child in a family of nine – six girls and three boys. He went to more schools than most people change their socks, starting at Wambasa Primary in Yimbo before transferring to Jusa in Siaya. Then he packed his bags and headed to Uganda for Luzira and Kitalya, before finishing up at Mbale Senior Secondary school for his ‘O’ level and St. Peters College, Tororo, for his ‘A’ levels.

After a short stint at Uganda’s Makerere University, David realized he needed to level up and headed to the University of Nairobi, where he graduated in 1988. But he didn’t stop there. He packed his bags and headed off to Negev, Israel, to join Ben Gurion University for his Ph.D in Molecular Genetics. Little did he know that this move would prepare him for his future as a prophet after encountering God in 1987 while in Uganda.

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Now, despite being touted as one of the richest preachers in Kenya, David is a man of simple pleasures. He has no wife or family, but he did once claim to have fathered a child in Israel. And don’t even try to donate or offer him money, because he won’t accept it. This man is all about the mission, not the money!

Prophet David Owuor is a well-known religious figure in Kenya and beyond. He is the founder of the Repentance and Holiness Ministry, which is one of the fastest-growing religious movements in East Africa. Owuor’s message of repentance and holiness has attracted millions of followers, who believe that he is a true prophet of God.

However, there are those who view Owuor with suspicion. They accuse him of being a con artist who uses his religious position to enrich himself at the expense of his followers. In this article, we will examine both sides of the argument and try to determine whether Owuor is a true prophet or a con artist.

David Owour Net Worth

Prophet David Owuor’s net worth is a topic of much speculation, and there are no official figures available. However, it is believed that Owuor has amassed a significant fortune through his Ministry of Repentance and Holiness.

Owuor’s followers are known for their generosity, and they often donate large sums of money to his ministry. It is estimated that the ministry receives millions of dollars in donations each year, which goes towards funding the organization’s operations, including their evangelistic campaigns, humanitarian efforts, and the construction of massive prayer altars.

In addition to donations, Owuor also receives income from the sale of his books, CDs, and DVDs, which are popular among his followers. Some sources claim that he charges high fees for speaking engagements and appearances, and he is often flown around the world in private jets.

While Owuor’s net worth remains a mystery, it is safe to say that he has accumulated a substantial amount of wealth through his ministry. However, it is worth noting that Owuor preaches a message of simplicity and humility and encourages his followers to live a modest lifestyle, so his personal wealth may not be as extravagant as some might imagine.

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Ministry of Repentance and Holiness

In 2002, Owuor founded the Ministry of Repentance and Holiness, which is based in Nakuru, Kenya. The ministry is focused on preaching repentance and holiness and preparing people for the second coming of Jesus Christ. Owuor’s message is based on the belief that the end of the world is near and that people need to prepare themselves by turning away from sin and turning to God.

The Ministry of Repentance and Holiness has grown rapidly in recent years, and Owuor’s followers now number in the thousands. Many people are drawn to his message of repentance and holiness, and his followers believe that his prophecies are a sign of his divine inspiration.


Owuor is perhaps best known for his prophetic claims, which he says come directly from God. Over the years, he has predicted numerous natural disasters, including earthquakes, hurricanes, and floods. In some cases, he has even claimed to have prevented disasters from occurring through his prayers.

One of Owuor’s most significant prophecies was his prediction of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. He claims that he warned the people of Mombasa, Kenya, of the impending disaster two months before it occurred. While there is no way to confirm whether Owuor’s prophecy was accurate, his followers believe that he has the gift of prophecy and that his predictions are a sign of his divine inspiration.

In addition to his prophecies about natural disasters, Owuor has also predicted that the end of the world is near. He believes that the second coming of Jesus Christ is imminent and that people need to prepare themselves for the final judgment. His followers believe that his message is a warning from God and that they need to repent and turn to God in order to be saved.

Who is David Owuor?

David Owuor was born in 1966 in the village of Goma, Bondo, Kenya. He grew up in a Christian family and was introduced to the Bible at a young age by his mother. Owuor’s father worked for the East African Community Prison Service and rose to the rank of Sergeant Major. His mother was a housewife and a peasant farmer.

Owuor attended several schools in Kenya and Uganda before graduating from the University of Nairobi with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1988. He then went to Israel to pursue a Master’s degree at Ben Gurion University of the Negev. After completing his Master’s degree, he returned to Kenya briefly before going back to Israel to pursue a doctorate in biochemical genetics at Haifa University.

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After completing his doctorate, Owuor joined the Centre for Pharmaceutical Biotechnology at the University of Illinois, Chicago, as a post-doctoral fellow. He taught and conducted research in the College of Pharmacy, specifically in the Department of Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics. He was a specialist in a branch of drug metabolism known as signal transduction and cancer chemotherapeutic drugs.

David Owuor, Religious Journey

Owuor’s religious journey began in 1987, while he was still a student at the University of Nairobi. He claimed to have had a vision of Jesus Christ, who told him to repent and prepare for the second coming. After this experience, Owuor became a born-again Christian and started preaching repentance and holiness.

In the early 1990s, Owuor began holding public crusades in Kenya and Uganda, where he preached his message of repentance and holiness. His followers claim that he has the ability to perform miracles, including healing the sick and raising the dead.

Owuor’s followers believe that he is a true prophet of God who has been sent to warn the world about the second coming of Christ. They view him as a modern-day John the Baptist, who was sent to prepare the way for the Messiah. Owuor’s message of repentance and holiness has resonated with millions of people in East Africa, and his ministry has grown rapidly in recent years.

Owuor’s Critics

Despite his popularity, Owuor has his fair share of critics. Some people accuse him of being a false prophet who uses his religious position to enrich himself at the expense of his followers. They point to his luxurious lifestyle and his fleet of expensive cars as evidence that he is more interested in material wealth than spiritual growth.

Owuor’s critics also accuse him of being a cult leader who manipulates his followers through fear and intimidation. They claim that he uses his ability to predict disasters to scare people into following him. Owuor has been accused of predicting disasters that never came to pass, which has led some to question his prophetic abilities.

Another criticism of Owuor is his stance on marriage and family. He has claimed that he is not married because his calling has not allowed him to settle down and start a family. This has led some