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John Hagee Biography

John Hagee is a televangelist and pastor whose ministry, John Hagee Ministries, is broadcast in the United States and Canada. Hagee is also the founder and chairman of Christians United for Israel, a Christian-Zionist organization. Hagee is politically active and well-known for his support for the State of Israel. He has also sparked debate with his remarks about the Catholic Church, Jews, and Islam, as well as his promotion of the blood moon prophecy.

John Hagee Age

Hagee is 82 years old as of 2022. He was born John Charles Hagee on 12 April 1940 in Baytown, Texas, United States. He celebrates hi birthday on 12 April.

John Hagee Family

Hagee is the son of Vada Mildred Swick and William Bythel Hagee.

John Hagee Wife | Children

Hagee is Diana Castro married to Diana Castro. The couple married in 1976. He was previously married to Martha Downing from the year 1960 to 1975. He is a father of five; Matthew Hagee, Sandy Hagee, Christopher Hagee, Tish Hagee, and Christina Hagee.

John Hagee Net Worth

Hagee has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

John Hagee Blood moon prophecy

The blood moon prophecy was created by Hagee and Mark Biltz and promoted in a 2013 book. The two men claimed that a tetrad that began with the lunar eclipse in April 2014 and ended with the lunar eclipse on September 27–28, 2015, as predicted by the Bible, was a sign of the end times. The claims made by Hagee and Biltz attracted media attention. Scientists and other Christians criticized the prediction.

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John Hagee Ministry

Beginning in 1966, Hagee established a series of churches in San Antonio, Texas. Each church eventually outgrew its previous structure, which led to the formation of the Cornerstone Church in 1987. Following Operation Opera, Hagee started organizing “A Night to Honor Israel” events in San Antonio in 1981 to show support for the State of Israel. Hagee has been involved in politics. He backed George Wallace’s presidential campaign in 1968. A youth movement known as “Wallace Youth” was one of his advocacy efforts.

Hagee endorsed conservative State Representative John Shields in the latter’s unsuccessful bid for the Republican primary for the District 25 seat in the Texas Senate in 2002. In 1996, Hagee spoke on behalf of Republican presidential primary candidate Alan Keyes, who in 2004 lost the U.S. Senate election in Illinois to Barack Obama. Hagee called incumbent Jeff Wentworth, Shields’ opponent, “the most pro-abortion” of the 181 legislators in both houses of the Texas legislature.

John Hagee Photo
John Hagee Photo

Christians United for Israel (CUFI) was founded on February 7, 2006, by Hagee and approximately 400 leaders from the Christian and Jewish communities. This uses a biblical stance to lobby members of the United States Congress to support Christian Zionism. He hired bodyguards for protection around that time after receiving death threats for his activism on behalf of the State of Israel.

Hagee backed Senator John McCain against Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential race. McCain publicly distanced himself from Hagee following a furor over remarks made by Hagee that were perceived by some as anti-Catholic and antisemitic following Hagee’s endorsement of McCain. Until he parted ways with the Israeli Zionist group Im Tirtzu in 2013, Hagee was the group’s primary source of funding. Hagee backed Donald Trump in the 2016 election for president.

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John Hagee Church

Hagee started Cornerstone in 1975. Since opening its 5,000-seat sanctuary in 1987, the campus at Stone Oak Parkway and Loop 1604 has added new buildings. The church hopes to eventually expand its sanctuary to accommodate the 8,200 people who attend its two Sunday services in one location.

John Hagee Noah’s Ark

The new Cornerstone Church children’s building appears to be just another white brick structure on the expansive North Side campus from the outside. It is a two-story ship inside with Noah’s Ark built into the walls and roof. It has 16 life-size passengers, most of whom have animatronic features like a giraffe whose head bends from the floor to the second level. High-resolution wallpaper depicts a variety of animals, including bears, birds, safari animals, and farm animals, in the school’s 13 classrooms.

It was called “The Ark” and cost nearly $5 million. It aims to inspire wonder and emphasize the Bible’s authenticity at the same time. Panels made of alder wood decorate the Ark’s vestibule entrances, which feature outdoor scenes of the ship’s hull. A host will be a talking macaw in one vestibule.

Matthew Hagee stated that the central area of the hull’s animals, which include a tortoise, sheep, and zebra as well as an elephant, rhinoceros, and lion, will be named after notable church figures from history. This will serve as a jumping-off point for lessons on John Bunyan, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Charles Wesley, and others.

Animal Makers, a Southern California company that specializes in robotic animals for Hollywood films, will create nine of the 16 animatronic creatures. According to the project’s architect, Dan Wigodsky, a member of the local Jewish community who also designed the other Cornerstone buildings there, the church’s animals and ark were designed to be realistic.

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With such realism, church leaders said that they also thought about the fear of tolerance of children, but they came to the conclusion that the value of biblical authenticity outweighed the possibility that it would scare children. Two 30-foot-tall shooting stars are painted on the ceiling above the central area. There are 400 fake candles to create both daytime and nighttime scenes. Carpet floors and ceiling tiles that look like wood planking are found inside classrooms.