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Doug Lisle Biography

Doug Lisle Ph.D. is a renowned psychologist and author who has devoted most of his life to the study of human behavior. He is best known for his innovative theories on how to live a healthy and meaningful life. His work has been featured in “The New York Times,” “Time Magazine,” and many other prominent publications.

Dr. Lisle’s research focuses on the connections between nutrition, lifestyle, emotions, and mental health. He believes that by understanding these factors, individuals can make conscious changes that will positively impact their lives and overall well-being. Additionally, Dr. Lisle works with patients from all walks of life to help them identify which strategies are effective for their unique situations.

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Doug Lisle Age

Doug Lisle is a pioneering psychologist and nutritional expert who has spent decades researching the diet and lifestyle habits of human beings. He was born on January 15, 1960. At 63 years old, his age reflects the wisdom and experience he has gained over the years that have made him an authority on health and nutrition.

Lisle received his doctorate in psychology from UVA, Davis in 1995 and began working with Dr. John McDougall shortly after. Together they wrote ‘The Pleasure Trap’ which revolutionized healthy eating habits amongst people looking to lead healthier lifestyles. He then went on to become director of research at TrueNorth Health Center where he continues to promote plant-based diets as well as mindful eating practices.

Doug Lisle Education

He graduated from UC San Diego with a bachelor’s degree. Additionally, Doug has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from UVA.

Doug Lisle Family

He always dreamed of being an artist. Doug’s father, however, refused to provide him with the financial and emotional support that his genius so obviously merited. Consequently, Doug went into psychology.

Doug Lisle Marriage

Doug Lisle is a renowned author, speaker, and psychologist best known for his work in the field of evolutionary psychology. He has been married to his wife of nearly 13 years, and together they have three adult children.

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He was married to his first and only wife when he was in his 20s. Doug originally met his first wife while she was a student at UC San Diego.

Additionally, in the 1980s, he and his then-wife both graduated from the University of Virginia with a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. Additionally, his 13-year marriage to his wife ended amicably after their separation.

Within a few years after their divorce, his wife discovered love once more after binge drinking. In addition, she had a few children with her husband, and Doug was given the duty of caring for the children in the event that something occurred to his ex-wife and her husband. Thankfully, nothing occurred, and the children are now adults. READ ALSO; Dean Baker

Doug Lisle Podcast

He serves as the Beat Your Genes podcast’s host. This scientific podcast examines life from the perspective of our ancestors. In addition, the podcast asserts that their hardships in a setting quite unlike the one we live in helped to create our instincts.

Even more so, despite the environment’s significant changes, our instincts have not altered. Doug, therefore, combines his therapeutic expertise with the study of evolutionary psychology to examine common issues and roadblocks to pleasure. In addition, a new episode of Beat Your Genes airs every Wednesday.

Doug Lisle Height

Doug Lisle is quickly making a name for himself in the world of nutrition and health. Standing at an impressive 5 ft. 11 inches tall, Lisle has become an icon for healthy eating and living. Born in Ohio and raised in New Jersey, Lisle’s height has been one of the main points of his success as a healthy lifestyle advocate.

Lisle was not always so focused on health, however. During his teenage years he admits to having unhealthy habits such as smoking cigarettes and consuming junk food on a regular basis. It wasn’t until college that he made the connection between poor physical health and poor mental health which led him to pursue a career focused on improving others’ well being through nutrition education and mindfulness practices like yoga and meditation.

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Doug Lisle Books

He is an author in addition to a professional psychologist. The Pleasure Trap: Mastering the Hidden Force that Undermines Health & Happiness was written by Doug, a well-known author (November 2017).

In addition, he and Alan Goldhamer wrote the book together. In the book, Doug provides insightful analysis of the elements that contribute to our propensity towards extreme dietary and lifestyle practices.

Additionally, he offers strategies for reviving the biological systems that nature created to keep us functioning at our peak vigor and effectiveness. Additionally, the book sells for $9.99 on Additionally, Doug presented a Ted Talk based on Pleasure Trap.

Doug Lisle Net Worth

Doug Lisle is an American psychologist, motivational speaker, and author of multiple books on nutrition and lifestyle. For many years now he has been a prominent figure in the health and wellness industry. His work has earned him international recognition and enabled him to accumulate considerable wealth over the course of his career.

Doug Lisle’s current net worth is estimated at $3 million dollars as of 2023. Much of this wealth comes from his best-selling book The Pleasure Trap: Mastering the Hidden Force That Undermines Health & Happiness, which was published in 2008. Over the years he has also made investments in property, stocks, and other business ventures that have increased his net worth substantially. He also receives speaking fees from events where he shares his knowledge and insights with audiences around the world.

Doug Lisle Twitter

Doug Lisle Salary

He is the Beat Your Genes podcast’s host and the head of research for TrueNorth Health Center. Doug earns a $100,000 yearly wage.

Doug Lisle Diet

He promotes a diet focused on entire plant foods. This is due to his contention that it is the only diet that has ever been proven to reverse thermogenesis and is likely to remain the only one to do so.

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Additionally, he opposes the ketogenic diet since it induces ketosis in people unnaturally. While humans were designed to consume a diet high in carbohydrates, it does this by consuming a non-carbohydrate diet.

However, forcing people to consume a diet devoid of carbs sends them into a state known as ketosis, when they begin to burn fat, which over time invites all sorts of problems, particularly in the cardiovascular system.

Additionally, Doug asserted that the ketogenic diet and the paleo-style diet immediately plunge individuals into a concentrated, fatty, and highly concentrated diet that is incompatible with everything that has ever been proven to stop atherogenesis.

Doug Lisle Weight Loss

Doug Lisle has always been a fan of weight loss and fitness. After years of trying to improve his health and lose weight, the former college athlete finally found success with his own personal approach.

Lisle is a strong advocate for dieting, exercising, and taking care of oneself as the keys to successful weight loss. In 2015 he released “The Doug Lisle Diet,” an ebook which details how he was able to lose over 140 pounds in just four years. His program emphasizes healthy eating habits such as avoiding processed foods, eating smaller portions, and incorporating more fruits and vegetables into one’s diet. He also emphasizes regular exercise with an emphasis on strength training rather than endurance activities such as running or cycling.

Lisle has become a leader in the health & fitness community due to his inspiring story and motivational approach to helping others reach their goals.

Additionally, he appeared as a guest on Plant-podcast Strong in episode 87, “Rip’s Rescue – Losing Weight Without Losing Your Mind.” Doug briefly discussed the motivating and unexpected reality of how to lose weight in a healthy way in the podcast.

In addition, he has authored a book titled Losing Weight Without Losing Your Mind, which can be purchased for $7.99 to $15,999.