Isha Price Attorney, Age, Height, Husband, Williams, & Law School

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Isha Price, photo courtesy WP

Isha Price is an American producer, and a lawyer who’s also a celebrity in her own right. You probably know her as the half-sister to Serena and Venus Williams – and for good reason. Also, As a producer, she has gained recognition for her work in King Richard (2021),and Red Table Talk (2018) and Venus and Serena (2012).

Prices is the daughter of the late Yusef Rasheed who passed away in 1979 and Oracene Price (mother). Data shows that after the death of her father, Isha’s mother married with Richard Williams who was a professional tennis coach.

Isha was raised with her sisters, the late Yetunde and Lyndrea and half-sisters Serena and Venus Williams.

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Isha Price Age

Price was born in the United States on February 18, 1975, and raised in Beverly Hills, California. Price is currently 47 years old today in 2022, but her ethnicity is African American.

Isha Price Net Worth

Isha is a producer and lawyer with an estimated net worth of $5 million. This can be way off, but we’ll know the true figure when contradictory information arises

Isha Price Husband

Price’s husband is Felix Fayron, her long-time boyfriend. Not much is known about Felix. However, it is believed that the wedding was an extremely private affair, and only immediate family members and close friends were invited to the wedding.

Also, Isha has not been publicly open about whether or not she has a child. We are investigating this and will keep you updated if we find any new information.

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Who is Better Venus or Serena?

This question is hard to answer because the sisters are so different. Venus is more of a defensive player, while Serena is considered more of an offensive player. All said and done, these two players are so good, it’s hard to pick a favorite!

Isha Price Height

Isha is 5 feet,7inches tall and weighs around 185 pounds. However, this makes her BMI be around 29 which puts Isha in a higher risk category.

According to the CDC, people who are overweight should try to avoid gaining additional weight. Taking this advice and doing your best to reduce it is especially important if you have other risks like high LDL cholesterol, low HDL cholesterol, or high blood pressure.

There are many ways to lose weight, so talk with your doctor on how you can do it.

How Many Languages does Venus Williams Speak?

Venus Williams is one of the most notable athletes in American history. She has a long list of accomplishments, Venus speaks three languages: English, Italian, and Mandarin.

Did Venus Williams Get Married?


Venus Williams, a professional tennis player, is not married, but her sister Serena is. Serena has a daughter, as well. The reports indicating that Venus is still a virgin at 41 are true.

Who is the Richest Female Tennis Player?

Serena Williams (Price’s half sister) is the richest female tennis player in the world. She has won 23 grand slam singles titles, an Olympic gold medal and her wealth is estimated at US$ 200 million

What Does Isha Price do for a Living?

Isha is a lawyer and producer

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What is Venus and Serena’s Net Worth?

Venus and Serena are Isha’s half sisters and two of the most successful tennis players in history. They have a combined net worth of $ 320 million.

Experts using Celebrity Net Worth valuation estimate that Venus Williams’ net worth is worth about half of her sister Serena Williams’ net worth, which is $220 million.

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Isha Price Williams

Isha is not only a half sister to Serena and Venus Williams, but also an attorney for both Williams.

Furthermore, it seems that though Isha may not have a social media presence, she did mention in an interview with the New York Times that she would hang out with her sisters; Yetunde and Lyndrea and step-sisters(Serena and Venus) at the tennis court. They would feed and clean off the balls for Venus and Serena.

Who is Serena Williams Lawyer?

Serena Williams’ lawyer is her half-sister Isha Price

Serena Williams is one of the most famous tennis players in the world. Further, she is also an outspoken feminist, reality TV star, and fashion designer.